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Episode 27: Legendary Athletic Director Tim Selgo on His New Book for Coaches, ‘Anchor Up’Thursday, June 15th, 2017

Former Grand Valley State University Athletic Director Tim Selgo has a message for college coaches:

If you want to build a consistently successful program, there’s a right way and a wrong way to do it.

Selgo sat down with Dan Tudor to talk about his new book, “Anchor Up: Competitive Greatness the Grand Valley Way”. In his decades leading the ship at GVSU, Selgo established his athletic department as the gold standard for not only Division II athletics, but for athletic departments all over the country. The consistent success experienced by the programs under his leadership are nearly unparalleled in college sports. Selgo talks about his new book, and what his fellow athletic directors and coaches can do to build the same kind of success with their teams, and in their recruiting.



Episode 26: Coach Matt Derosiers on Building a Championship Program Against the OddsTuesday, May 23rd, 2017

He coaches at a small Division III school that has to play Division I opponents. His university is a frozen tundra five months out of the year. And, he plays in a facility approaching three decades old. And he just won his second NCAA national championship in four years.

His name is Matt Derosiers, and he’s the head women’s hockey coach at Clarkson University. What he’s accomplished in building his program is pretty amazing, when you really look under the hood and realize that he has had to overcome many of the things that most coaches swear keep them from succeeding.

In this episode, you get to learn from him. He brings a creative, positive attitude to his job, and the results show. If you are looking for a winning formula for building a champion through recruiting and taking a creative approach based on building relationships, you’re going to love this edition of the College Recruit.



Episode 25: Author John Brubaker on Earning ‘Stadium Status’Tuesday, May 23rd, 2017

Coach, have you and your program achieved ‘stadium status’?

That’s the question our guest is asking in today’s College Recruiting Weekly podcast. It’s also the topic of his new book that is going to be a must-read for college coaches who are trying to build a unique brand that stands out from the rest.

Our conversation is with John Brubaker, a former college lacrosse coach who is now a successful author and consultant. His new book, “Stadium Status”, looks at individuals who have developed a unique brand worthy of filling a stadium and being viewed as the expert in their field.



Episode 24: Coach Rob Harris on the Changing Early Recruiting LandscapeFriday, April 28th, 2017

Early recruiting has been an ongoing debate around college athletics for years.

Recently, one coaches organization took steps to push back against the growing trend. The Intercollegiate Women’s Lacrosse Coaches Association proposed new limits on early contact between coaches and recruits, and those changes were accepted by the NCAA.

Our guest on this episode of the College Recruiting Weekly podcast is Rob Harris, head women’s lacrosse coach at Davenport University in Michigan. He has a unique perspective on this as a successful college coach at many levels, as well as a director of a club lacrosse program. He see’s the debate from both sides, and talks about his thoughts on the new rules.



Episode 23: Rock-n-Roll Star Jim Holvay on Learning How to SellMonday, April 17th, 2017









If you’ve ever wondered about the idea of truly “learning how to sell” when you aren’t a natural born salesperson, with a sparkling, outgoing personality and a way of summoning up just the right words in every situation, meet Jim Holvay.

If he could learn to be successful in selling, so can you, Coach.

Holvay was a hit songwriter and rock-n-roll musician in the late 1960’s through the 1970’s. One of his songs spent two weeks at #1 on the Billboard charts, and he had other hits, too. He was touring the country, hanging out at the Playboy mansion, and was only focused on writing the next hit song.

Then his music career came to an abrupt end. With a wife and young son to support, what was a newly unemployed rocker to do?
He learned how to sell.

In this episode, you’ll join Jim and Dan Tudor at Dinah’s Family Restaurant in Southern California for a fascinating (and funny) conversation about learning how to sell, and what real-world lessons coaches can learn from this rock-n-roller’s wild ride into a 30+ year career in sales.




Episode 22: What Do Coaches Do When the College Cuts Their Program?Monday, April 10th, 2017

On March 29, 2017, the University of North Dakota announced what many other colleges around the country have had to announce in recent years: They were cutting three sports from their Division I athletic department.

The sports included men’s and women’s swimming, as well as their women’s hockey program. The later was surprising to fans, local media, and supporters of the school. Hockey to North Dakota is what football is to Texas. And yet, according to university leaders, budget cuts had to be made.

The result, of course, goes beyond line items inside an athletic department budget; it also means trauma for the coaches who built those programs, and the student-athletes who came to the school in hopes of living out their dreams of high level college sports.

In this episode, we talk to one of the coaches and one of the players from the UND women’s hockey program. They take us inside the day they found out about the elimination of their program, what they’ve learned, and why they decided to fight to save it in the aftermath of the shocking news. We also talk to the Athletic Director of Sweet Briar College in Virginia, a Division III women’s college that nearly ceased to exist in 2015 when the school’s board announced they were closing due to severe financial challenges. The college’s alumni, supporters, students and athletes rallied, and saved the college. How did they do it? And, what lessons could they offer the UND programs that were cut, as well as other coaches who might face the same crisis at some point in their college coaching career?




Episode 21: Coach Morgan Randall On Becoming a College Coaching LegendMonday, April 3rd, 2017

Nearly every coach asks herself or himself, “Self, what do I need to do to become a college coaching legend?”

To help answer that, we turned to a man who describes himself as “a legend in his own mind”. He’s Coach Morgan Randall, author of Everything Parents Know About Coaching and legendary voice on Twitter (@TheCoachRandall).

We sat down with him on April 1st to talk about his sage advice for rising college coaches, how he’s managed to last this long in coaching without being sued, and his thoughts on this generation of college coaches. He refers to me as “Don” throughout the interview, and actually hijacks the conversation at the end so that he can interview me.

It was an exhausting, combative, confusing interview. Alas, Coach Randall does manage to make several good observations about coaches today and what it takes to be successful. If you want to spend an hour listening to a lovable curmudgeon ramble about college coaching, you’ve come to the right place. Enjoy it, Coach!



Episode 20: Dr. Mike Davenport on College Coaching Life PhilosophiesTuesday, March 28th, 2017

Do you feel like you are a college coach who has a good, core coaching life philosophy?

Dr. Mike Davenport spent 35 years in college coaching and recruiting as one of the most respected rowing coaches in the country. He is also a well known leader, thinker and trainer, and has always been a great resource for college coaches of all ages, all division levels, and all sports, throughout his career.

He spent 26 years as the Head Rowing Coach at Washington College, and is now the Director of Educational Assets for U.S. Rowing, that sport’s governing body. He was also a frequent contributor to Dan Tudor’s ‘College Recruiting Weekly’ newsletter every Tuesday, and was the publisher of CoachingSportsToday.com, which offered fantastic advice and direction for coaches on how to be better at what they do.

In this episode, he shares his nearly four decades of coaching wisdom with our host, Dan Tudor, as we explore the right philosophies that can build a long, successful career as a college coach.



Episode 19: Dan Tudor & Jeremy Tiers On The Problem With Most Campus ToursTuesday, March 14th, 2017

Screen Shot 2017-03-14 at 9.18.57 AMFor the Tudor family, it’s that time of year:

Dan has started taking his daughter to visit colleges. She’s a high school Junior who is starting her search, like hundreds of thousands of other families around the country.

On a recent visit to a college, Dan observed some common problems that most colleges experience when it comes to staging campus tours. It’s the same problem that many coaches who lead their own campus tours sometimes have, as well.

The problem? Most tours look, sound and feel the same as all the other college tours they’ve gone on (and will go on in the future). The result can be a lack of excitement about a particular school or program, and the family heading back to square one when it comes to trying to find a college perfect for their son or daughter.

In addition to Dan’s commentary and observations, we talk to Jeremy Tiers, Admissions Director for us here at Tudor Collegiate Strategies. He has great advice for college coaches and admissions professionals if they’re looking to improve their results when they bring a prospect on campus, and what they should consider adding to make the tour more effective.



Episode 18: Jim Harshaw, Jr. On College Coaching Success Through FailureTuesday, March 7th, 2017

Are you a success, Coach?

If you consider yourself to be, I’ll bet that you count some of your past failures as your greatest learning events.

But what about the coach who doesn’t look at “failure” as a positive? Is there a way to look back on past struggles and turn them into future victories, both personally and professionally?

Jim Harshaw, Jr. is our guest on this episode of College Recruiting Weekly, and he talks about his lifelong focus on learning from failure. He consults with business leaders, coaches and colleges around the country, teaching them how to use failure to their benefit.

In this episode, you’ll hear him talk about lessons coaches (and their teams) need to learn in order to be a success in the long term.



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