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We custom design a strategic, systemized, research-based approach for programs around the country so they can communicate with their prospects more effectively. Since 2005, we’ve helped coaches win.

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Dan Tudor, nationally recognized recruiting strategy expert, author and speaker, leads our efforts in teaming-up with college coaches and athletic departments across the country to implement smarter, more effective recruiting techniques and messaging plans.

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Don’t Forget To Talk About These 4 Things

By Jeremy Tiers, Director of Admissions Services3 minute readCollege and universities love to share all kinds of facts and figures when they communicate with prospective students.The problem with that strategy is, facts tell and stories and feelings sell.To be clear, I’m not …

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Two Campus Visit Mistakes to Avoid

by Dan Christensen, Tudor Collegiate Strategies “If we can just get them to visit campus, we can get them to commit.” This is something I hear from a lot of coaches that I talk to. And it is usually true! If you get a recruit to visit campus, the chances that they end up coming usually …

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Never Pass-Up the Opportunity to Learn More

by Greg Carroll, Tudor Collegiate Strategies It’s a principle coaches teach from the youth level all the way to the professional ranks - always look to make the extra pass rather than take the shot because it’s the one extra pass you opponent isn’t expecting you to make that creates the space which …

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