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We custom design a strategic, systemized, research-based approach for programs around the country so they can communicate with their prospects more effectively. Since 2005, we’ve helped coaches win.

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Dan Tudor, nationally recognized recruiting strategy expert, author and speaker, leads our efforts in teaming-up with college coaches and athletic departments across the country to implement smarter, more effective recruiting techniques and messaging plans.

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Have You Asked Them About This Yet?

By Jeremy Tiers, Senior Director of Admissions Services3 minute readEvery prospective student regardless of stage or grade is scared, nervous, or worried about something during college search. For most it’s actually multiple things according to our survey research.If you’re looking …

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What’s Your Recruiting Confidence Score?

by Greg Carroll, Tudor Collegiate StrategiesI am the poster child for the saying “failing to prepare is preparing to fail.”It’s made me the brunt of a lot of jokes around my family.                                             “What’s Dad doing?”“He’s rinsing out the pail that he’s …

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What to Ask After They Have Visited Campus

by Dan Christensen, Tudor Collegiate StrategiesThe fall is a time packed with campus visits. That visit is such an important part of the prospect’s college decision. And rightly so, coaches spend a lot of time making sure that visit goes well.But, the visit is most often not the end of the …

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