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Branding Your Program Effectively at the Start and End of the Recruiting Process

Why should a college coach care about their program's "brand"? Seriously, do you even have time for that?  With your limited budget, not enough hours in the day, administrative duties, student-athletes knocking on your office door, parents emailing you about playing time…am I really suggesting that you even begin to care a little bit about what your "brand" is in the eyes of your recruits? Only if you really want them. With this generation, branding is everything. What shoes they wear, what music they listen to, what private school they attend, which clothing contract your school has, where your U.S. News ranking sits…it all matters at two certain points in the recruiting process, according to our ongoing research:  At the very beginning, and (if you don't change their minds during your ongoing conversations)...


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How to Effectively Talk About Paying for College With Your Prospects (and their parents)

by Jeremy Tiers, Director of Admissions Services During a recent phone call with a good friend he mentioned that his daughter, a high school junior, was starting to receive a lot of mail from colleges and universities. What he said next is something that I’m sure many of you in admissions have heard a thousand times. “Most of the schools she likes are really expensive and I have no idea how we can afford any of them.” Knowing that their family had visited a couple of those schools earlier this fall, I asked him if any of the college counselors had touched on financial aid before, during or after the visit. “Not one of them.” In the words of Tom Hanks' character in Apollo 13, “Houston, we have a problem!” More...


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Featured Series: The ‘Miracle’ Behind Herb Brooks’s Miracle On Ice

by Charlie Adams, StokeTheiFireWithin.com You need to sign talent in recruiting and then develop it. Yes, there are many other factors, but talent is a biggie. The movie Miracle ends with captions of what happened to the players from the gold medal-winning 1980 US Olympic hockey team. What Disney showed was what they did as far as 'real jobs in the real world' and did not show that over half of the 1980 team would play in the NHL, some for many years. It was like in a subtle way the director wanted the audience to think these guys weren't good enough to have been pros, when in fact just over half were NHL caliber. There is a perception out there that Herb Brooks drove around with a...


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Developing Successful Campus Visits

by Jeremy Tiers, Director of Admissions Services I recently conducted one of our effective on-campus admissions workshops for a college in the Northeast. When it came to recapping their focus group research the most impactful discovery was that 85% of the students surveyed said the campus visit moved this particular school up, or to the top of their list. Despite those numbers, one of the school’s senior counselors wanted to discuss ways they could turn a great visit into an amazing one-of-a-kind visit, the kind that creates that “feeling” all recruits rely on to help them choose a college. Let me ask each of you a question. “When’s the last time your admissions office took a step back and evaluated your campus visit?” Some of you might be saying to...


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