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Beyond Exceptional Confidence for Your Recruits

A recent family medical procedure found me on the medical campus of the University of Southern California in Los Angeles. But this isn't an article about medicine. It's about confidence…and how some very good marketers instill that confidence in the people that buy their products or services. If you spend any amount of time at USC hospital, it becomes very obvious, very quickly, what the market message is for the patients and family that get care at their facility.  And, the confidence that their message is meant to instill: At USC hospital, you will experience "Beyond Exceptional Medicine." Keck Medicine 1 And that message is everywhere.  EVERYWHERE.  If you stand at a certain point in their courtyard between buildings, you can see eight bright cardinal colored banners driving that message...


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The Secret Weapon of Recruiting Communication (And Why it Works)

by Jeremy Tiers, Director of Admissions Services Building good habits can be difficult. Take for example my golf game. I started playing in my late 20’s. No lessons, I just went out and tried to “hit em’ straight.” As you can imagine I experienced up and down (mostly down) results. I enjoyed the game so I asked a friend who was a local golf pro for some pointers. In a nutshell he told me fundamentals plus practice would equal better results. The late Jim Rohn – entrepreneur, author and motivational speaker — has said, “Success is neither magical nor mysterious.  Success is the natural consequence of consistently applying basic fundamentals.” If I wanted my golf game to improve, I was going to have to be consistent with my practice and...


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Will The Team Miss You When You’re Gone?

            by Mike Davenport, CoachingSportsToday.com

Is it petty for you to worry about that?

Are you the only one who can do the job?

There are a wealth of ways to evaluate a coach:

  • the won/loss record
  • number of recruits
  • retention rate
  • how many graduate
  • trail of broken rules

Yet, a perspective rarely used to evaluate is “will they miss you when you’re gone?” It’s self-centered, but it goes right to the core of why many of us coach.

The Need To Be Needed

I won’t presume I know why you coach. I’ll just get it wrong. But I do know this, on a conscious level many of us know why we coach, and it’s not very...


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Overcoming Ellsberg Paradox in Recruiting

How many times have you been the program that is the logical, "right fit" for a prospect, only to see that same prospect end up choosing another program that's a completely illogical choice? A place where they probably won't compete as soon as they would for you, won't be appreciated as much, and generally won't have as good of an experience. If you've been coaching college sports for any length of time, you know the answer is "a lot". Here are the typical scenarios I've seen play out with the coaches we work with:

  • A program that competes at a lower division level loses a recruit to another program that's one level up.
  • Despite assurance that your recruit will get significant playing time during their Freshman season, they choose a more...


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