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The Bias Your Prospect Has Against You (and How to Overcome It)

I have worn K-Swiss tennis shoes for thirty straight years. I started wearing them as a high school Senior when I was playing tennis, and haven't looked back.  I usually buy one pair a year, and make the previous year's pair my beat-up pair of yard work shoes.  They're comfortable, they're durable, and I like the way they look. In other words, the billions of dollars of advertising and branding that Nike, Adidas, and the rest have invested in hasn't convinced me to switch allegiances.  I have an emotional bias towards K-Swiss tennis shoes, and I don't see it ending any time soon. Why is that?  Because despite my increasing risk of becoming a fashion outcast (a label which is applicable beyond just my choice of footwear, admittedly) no other shoe maker...


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11 Simple Steps For Finding And Keeping Amazing People

by Mike Davenport, CoachingSportsToday.com This IS rocket science, right here. See, rocket science is about putting things together that take off to great heights, or explode. That's what this is all about. There is this special thing about coaching — it doesn't matter how good a coach you are, if you want to achieve great heights you need to surround yourself with Amazing People. And not just athletes. The same goes for assistant coaches, volunteers, organizers, trainers, leaders, etc. Amazing People make the difference. All-the-difference. In fact, anywhere people are involved, THEY are often the limiting factor. You want great results? Amazing People will get you closer to your dream. To me, one story that enforces this is Apollo 13. Three astronauts came home because Amazing People did Amazing Things. (That what Jim Lovell told me...


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Featured Series: The ‘Miracle’ Behind Herb Brooks’s Miracle On Ice

by Charlie Adams, StokeTheFireWithin.com It is often said that you cannot win without outstanding athletes, but never underestimate the importance of coaching and recruiting. After Herb Brooks led the 1980 Miracle on Ice hockey team past the Soviets 4-3 and to the gold, the legendary Anatoli Tarasov - one of the founders of the Soviet hockey dynasty - said this: "The line up of the 1980 Olympic champions - not so impressive. A couple of classy defensemen, about five individually strong forwards - and that is all. But the trump card for the U.S. team this time was its coach Herb Brooks." In sports history, Tarasov is like John Wooden. When he would speak, all would listen. Historians have said none of the 20 U.S. players would have made the Soviet...


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Featured Series: The ‘Miracle’ Behind Herb Brooks’s Mircale On Ice

by Charlie Adams, StokeTheFireWithin.com We lost the first of the 20 heroes that were on the 1980 Miracle on Ice hockey team. Bob Suter died earlier this month of a heart attack at age 57. He was doing what he loved best as he was coaching youth hockey at the facility he owned in his native Madison, Wisconsin. In putting together that 1980 team that would stun the Soviets 4-3 in Lake Placid, Herb was looking for tough guys like Suter. Mike Eruzion nicknamed him Bam Bam, from the character from the Flintstones. He said Suter was always 'bamming' into someone. Other teammates called him Woody because he was like a wood duck, always bouncing back up. As you recruit players, people like Bob Suter are who you want to win...


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