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Featured Series: The ‘Miracle’ Behind Herb Brooks’s Mircale On Ice

by Charlie Adams, StokeTheFireWithin.com We lost the first of the 20 heroes that were on the 1980 Miracle on Ice hockey team. Bob Suter died earlier this month of a heart attack at age 57. He was doing what he loved best as he was coaching youth hockey at the facility he owned in his native Madison, Wisconsin. In putting together that 1980 team that would stun the Soviets 4-3 in Lake Placid, Herb was looking for tough guys like Suter. Mike Eruzion nicknamed him Bam Bam, from the character from the Flintstones. He said Suter was always 'bamming' into someone. Other teammates called him Woody because he was like a wood duck, always bouncing back up. As you recruit players, people like Bob Suter are who you want to win...


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Great Links To Up Your Recruiting Game

by Sean Devlin, FrontRush.com Like anyone trying to continually learn/grow etc., we read a lot of technology/sports/higher ed articles. I personally store all my articles in Instapaper and just cleared out a large number. I thought it might be interesting to share some of the articles we are reading and finding interesting. The Art of Learning by Josh Waitzkin at Google So Josh Waitzkin has competed in the world championship finals of both Chess and Tai Chi Chuan (the latter he won) and is now onto his 3rd endeavor which is Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Here he talks to Google employees about how he is able to learn a brand new skill and compete at the highest level. Watch the video here. Liberal Education: At This College, Videogames Are a Varsity...


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Featured Series: The ‘Miracle’ Behind Herb Brooks’s Miracle On Ice

Charlie1015by Charlie Adam, StokeTheFireWithin.com College coaches at every level face obstacles in recruiting and in building and sustaining programs. Herb Brooks faced remarkable challenges in building the 20 man roster that would win Olympic Gold in February of 1980. First of all, some elite college players didn't even try out because why would they want a shot at bronze at best and endure getting annihilated by the Soviet team that was the best team in hockey history. The Soviet team had beat the NHL All Stars 6-0 the year before and used their back up goalie the whole game. Just like you have some recruits that won't give you the time of day, Herb focused on the ones he could get. Chances are those others wouldn't have had the mental toughness...


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A Secret To Motivate An Athlete To Do The Hard Work

by Mike Davenport, CoachingSportsToday.com Do you think about coaching often? I do, and I’m really interested in the challenges coaches face. Just recently I asked hundreds of coaches a simple question, “What is one thing you are struggling with, right now, in your coaching?” Maybe you were asked. Possibly you responded. The most common reply I got was, “I struggle with getting the athletes to do the hard work.” That’s a struggle every coach, every leader, every parent, every teacher has. Daily. I’ve been scratching my head on this for a few days, and a few thoughts came to mind.

People Need To Be Sold

An athlete who needs to do the hard work has to be SOLD on the idea that doing the hard work is a good thing. A great thing. A super-duper...


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