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12 Strategies That Will Help You Deliver Exceptional Customer Service

by Jeremy Tiers, Director of Admissions Services We all know that today’s prospective student has choices when it comes to higher education…thousands of them actually. So, if you know that students and families are your customers and they have a massive amount of colleges and universities to choose from, then you need to constantly be coming up with ways to get and keep their attention and ultimately exceed their expectations. If you don’t consistently do that, then you can’t consistently expect to increase enrollment. Translation: You need to deliver exceptional customer service. Two weeks ago I was able to spend a couple of days with a good friend of mine. He and his brother entered the restaurant business about 18 months ago in a small town that my family...


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Create a System to Write Recruiting Messages Faster

by Mandy Green, Coaching Productivity Strategies

As College coaches, we write a lot.  We write to juniors and seniors we are recruiting or have already committed, we write to parents, or we are writing to youth coaches who have players we want.    If you just sit down and try to come up with a brilliant message that will get opened, read, and returned, you may find yourself wasting a lot of time staring at a blank screen as you try to figure out what to write.    Also, if you don’t have a lot of experience writing recruiting messages or are not a very good writer, it can feel incredibly time-consuming. ...


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Are You Asking Effective Questions After the Campus Visit?

by Jeremy Tiers, Director of Admissions Services One of the biggest questions that admissions directors approach me with is how to deliver a campus visit that exceeds a prospective student’s expectations. The reason for that is simple. A visit to your campus, and more specifically the “feel” of your campus, is the most important factor for just about every student on your list when it comes to making their college choice. Our ongoing focus group research on college and university campuses around the country confirms that statement time and time again. Today, I want to focus on a part of the campus visit that can be extremely valuable for admissions counselors – asking effective questions after a student visits campus. Most admissions counselors that we’ve worked with tend to slip...


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The Cost of Your Program

Here's the deal: If your recruit, and his or her parents, aren't buying into your program, it's not because the price tag is too much. That's one of the great lies that college coaches have bought into far too long. The reason they aren't buying into your program is because they don't believe what you've told them. They don't care about competing for you enough. And, they don't love you and your team enough. That's the cold, hard, truth. I feel compelled to lay it on the line like that because of the different ways coaches are telling me they are struggling with "cost":

  • The net cost of attending your school versus your competitor's school.
  • The 'cost' of choosing your Division III program over a Division II program, even if the net cost of that...


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