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What You Should Do With All Those New Names

By Jeremy Tiers, Director of Admissions Services      As your admissions team navigates through college fairs and high school visits, I’m sure everyone has been accumulating plenty of new names to add to your database. Once those leads are inputted, now what? How are you going to get those students excited enough to visit campus or start filling out your application? That early impression, specifically the first one you make with name buys or new inquiries, or the initial follow-up you have with new students after a college fair or school visit, is something you don’t get a second chance to...


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On Being a “Reasonable” Coach

by Mike Davenport, Coaching Sports Today

[This is an update to a post from 2013 and is not intended to be legal advice and should not be taken as so. It is only meant to introduce a concept to coaches.]

Take a situation.

What would a reasonable person do?

What would a reasonable person think about that situation?

What action would a reasonable person take?

What is a reasonable person?

A “reasonable person” is defined as “a hypothetical person in society who exercises average care, skill, and judgment in conduct and who serves as a comparative standard for determining liability.”

That straight from Wikipedia.

Does being reasonable matter for you,...


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An Exit Plan Today Will Make You a Better Coach Tomorrow

by Mike Davenport, Coaching Sports Today

Jack is in line at the supermarket, waiting to pay for his bananas. He knows exactly what he is going to do as soon as he gets his change.

He has a plan.

Barb, a fifth grader, is watching the clock slowly move toward 3pm.

She has big plans when school is over.

Both Jack and Barb have what is known as an “exit plan.”

They know what they are going to do after they have finished what they are currently doing.

They know “what’s next.”

It amazes me how few coaches do.

You will leave coaching

Sooner or later every coach leaves coaching.



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The Most Confusing Part for Students and Parents

By Jeremy Tiers, Director of Admissions Services      In our focus group surveys throughout the year we ask what one part of the college admissions/college search process was or is the most confusing. The winner by a wide margin, every single, time continues to be financial aid or specifically the FAFSA. What concerns me is I continue to read and hear stories about colleges and universities waiting until their school’s financial aid packages are distributed before starting a real conversation with families about cost and paying for college. In addition, more schools are starting to have their admissions counselors be the point...


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