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This Might Be Why They Didn’t Deposit to Your School

by Jeremy Tiers, Director of Admissions Services Another ‘College Decision Day’ has come and gone. You can exhale now. I hope both you and your team reached your enrollment goals. When it comes to students that you missed out on, typically there are many potential reasons why. If you’ve had me on campus to work with your admissions team you know that our research reveals one solid fact that every college admissions and enrollment professional should be aware of when it comes to what’s important in developing a recruitment strategy: Your prospects are trusting their feelings as they make their decision about you and your institution. That’s the feelings you create while you recruit them, how effective your letters, emails, phone calls and social media posts are at...


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If Your Prospect Picks Another School, Here’s What You Should Do

by Jeremy Tiers, Director of Admissions Services It’s happening right now to admissions counselors across the country: admitted students are saying thanks but no thanks to a school’s offer of admission. What’s even worse is some of those “no’s” are coming from recruits that many of you probably had penciled in as “yeses.” The reasons will vary. Some will be legitimate, and some will make absolutely no sense whatsoever. For most of you losing a recruit to another school should not signal gloom. I phrase it that way because if your no’s start to equal or out-number your yeses, I strongly encourage you to self-evaluate and discover why your recruiting efforts are failing. If you need help correcting bad habits or mastering closing techniques, feel free to reach out to...


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Why You (and Your Recruits) Give In to the Fear Factor

Marketers know the rule. So do politicians, drug manufacturers, and companies that sell gold. We, the buying public, will make a buying decision based on the fear of something bad happening before we'll decide to do something based on the possibility of a good outcome. How often? Studies suggest it's as high as six out of seven times. We are prone to expect the worst, and plan our actions accordingly. And if we do it as adult consumers when we're out shopping for an insurance policy, doesn't it make sense that your prospects would be inclined to make their decisions the same way? And yet, the majority of coaches feel the need to only focus on the positive. Tell the recruit what they want to hear, how great they'll be as a part of...


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My 4 Favorite Productivity Tips I Learned From Brian Tracy

by Mandy Green, Coaching Productivity Strategies When I first started out on my journey of finding better ways to be more effective and efficient in the office as a coach, one of the productivity experts that I studied a lot was Brian Tracy. Brian Tracy is one of America’s leading authorities on the enhancement of personal effectiveness, leadership, time management, goals, motivation, and success. Brian’s stuff spoke to me.  It was so simple and incredibly applicable to everything we do as college coaches. I really have gotten 100’s of amazing productivity tips from Brian Tracy, but here are four of my favorites: 1.  Be open to new ideas. Because I was so overwhelmed with work, I made the mistake when I first got into coaching 17 years ago of thinking that...


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