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Airport Restrooms, and What They Teach Coaches About Recruiting

As a frequent flyer, I have visited my share of airport restrooms. It's one of the worst parts of flying, to be honest.  Bathrooms don't smell good, they are usually in need to some cleaning, they're crowded, and sometimes just plain weird (if we ever meet, ask me about the time I walked into a crowded restroom at LAX and saw a man with his shirt off, washing himself and shaving his back. Wow.) They're also incredibly "utilitarian" - meaning that you're there to do one thing, and one thing only.  They serve a basic need, and don't try to venture very far from that basic need. Unless you travel through the airport in Charlotte, North Carolina. Restroom attendantWhen you walk into a restroom at CLT, you're greeted by a...


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Personalization – The Secret to Increasing Enrollment

by Jeremy Tiers, Director of Admissions Services You pull up your list of prospective students. How are you going to convince each one that your school is the right choice for them? Will you start by sending out a few of the old generic form letters, follow that up with emails as well as a phone call, and then cross your fingers? That’s one approach, but I think we both know that in the competitive market of college admissions recruiting you’ve got to do more. You have to convince each recruit that his or her name is not just a number. You have to personalize! Personalization was one of the most valuable lessons I learned as a College Advisor. Each student had individual needs and goals, and some were more...


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New Psychological Training for Your Team Available from EXACT Sports

EXACT Sports Banner       Tudor Collegiate Strategies is pleased to partner with EXACT Sports to bring the power of ‘mental’ to your team. "I selected EXACT to be a resource for us as they bring some powerful technology to the college landscape", said Dan Tudor, President of Tudor Collegiate Strategies.  "EXACT is the #1 sport psychology organization in the country, working with over 60 professional teams, Olympic and national teams and thousands of college & high school age athletes, and really excited to be able to see college coaches access it for their teams". EXACT was founded in 1997 by a neuropsychologist and professor, and remains a scientific, results-oriented group. They have built an advanced coaching toolkit for coaches to both measure the ‘intangibles’ of their athletes as well as...


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Two Critical Money Questions Your Prospects Are Asking

We published an overview of some central questions most of us - including your prospects, and their parents - ask as we're getting ready to buy something, whether it's a new car or a college education. (Click here if you need to re-read that article) There are two more critical questions that we wanted our clients and members to be aware of as you formulate a strategy on how to create a compelling story about the value of what you are offering:

  • Does the offer or opportunity feel fair?  The problem with that question, of course, is the definition of "fair".  Your definition can be drastically different than theirs as they are considering what you have to offer.  Again, it's not about wishing they just could see things the way you see them;...


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