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Avoid Saying This in Your Emails, Calls and Texts

By Jeremy Tiers, Director of Admissions Services    Words matter. Words compel us to do things, and they also bore us to the point where we stop paying attention or listening. This is especially true for every prospective student that you’re trying to enroll right now…traditional undergrad or non-traditional. Considering how hard it is to get and keep the attention of anybody these days, it’s important to know which words and phrases to avoid. Over the past few years I’ve identified three words that a lot of admissions counselors and student callers use that provide little to no benefit for them. They use these words...


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Admissions Newsletter Survey Results

A couple of weeks ago I asked you to answer two very important questions. Q1: What one quality do you value the most in a leader? Q2: What one piece of advice would you give a new admissions professional or tell your past self? The survey was 100% anonymous, and I think the feedback will be invaluable for a lot of readers as well as myself. Regardless of your current title or years of experience in college admissions, you're going to want to read these answers. My hope is they will be what pushes someone to make a major change, or what helps them take a major step forward in their career. Thanks again to everyone who participated! If you have any questions about this survey you can contact me directly at: jeremy@dantudor.com   Q1. What ONE QUALITY do you value...


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Cutting Time Spent on Your Recruiting Office Operation in Half

by Mandy Green, Busy Coach I was in the Northeast this past weekend working with coaches who were a part of the special workshop I hosted on getting their recruiting organized. One of my goals for these workshops is to help coaches cut their time to completion in half for the operational side of recruiting. One of the ways I am suggesting to do this to create systems for repeat processes. One system you could create is your step-by-step checklist for how you should do your official visits. Here is an example of a system for setting up your recruiting visits. To-Do List for Official Visits

  • Prior to Official Visit:
  • Official Visit Request Form (Submitted to Compliance Office at least 5 days prior to visit)
  • In each players’ profile on Jump Forward, go to the “Compliance” tab...


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Staging Successful Group Recruiting Visits

              Former President George H.W. Bush was riding on a bus during the Presidential campaign of 1988 with a reporter, who recounted a memory of sitting next to the then Vice President as they were pulling away from a campaign stop. Mr. Bush, noticing a person waving by themselves as the bus began to pull away, leaned over the reporter, made eye contact with the individual, and waved with a smile. He then told the reporter, "that's how you win an election...one voter at a time." There's a lot of truth in that statement which applies to recruiting: You win recruiting battles one recruit at a time. And yet, many college coaches are tasked with group recruiting visits that feature a lot of recruits on campus at one time. Even...


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