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If You’re Getting the Silent Treatment

by Jeremy Tiers, Director of Admissions Services        You’re not alone. Winter seems to be the popular time of year for radio silence from students, namely inquiries and admitted (but undecided) students. A lot of admissions counselors tell me their state of mind when this happens is a combination of frustration and urgency. And when an admissions counselor is frustrated and feeling the pressure to move students to the next stage of the process, I’ve found that bad things often follow. I’m talking about things like becoming way pushier during conversations or questioning their own ability to recruit students successfully. Today I’m going to...


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Are You Spinning Your Coaching Wheels Making These Two Mistakes?

by Mandy Green, Busy Coach

Coach, have you ever come back from lunch, checked your email, fiddled around on the web, and realized that two or three hours had just slipped away from you?   Every day, so many coaches engage themselves in activities that are not relevant to their goals, recruiting, or their vision for their program. These coaches waste an enormous amount of time every day and they aren’t even aware that they are doing it.

I wrote a report called 11 Mistakes That Stop Coaches from Being Successful.  There are a lot of mistakes that coaches are making in the office that are costing a lot of time and wasted energy.



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Getting Prospects to Reply to Your First Recruiting Message

What gets you to respond to a text message from someone you don't know? What gets you to take a chance on a new restaurant you've heard about near campus? Why do you engage with a stranger who comes up to you and asks for directions? And, why do those cheesy informercials offer you two of their product at the end of their pitch, instead of just one? All of the answers to those questions relate directly to the simple things any coach can do if they want to increase their response rates with their initial recruiting messages that they send to their recruits. In each of the every day examples I just outlined, there are two critical elements: An interaction, and a response. Those same to critical elements exist with...


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It Happened Again Last Week

by Jeremy Tiers, Director of Admissions Services        The “it” I’m referring to is poor customer service. On the plus side my bad experience provides the perfect opportunity to offer an important reminder as you continue to assemble your next class of students. Last week I had an appointment set up with an auto glass company to replace the windshield on my wife’s car. As you can see in the picture to the left, those pesky rocks got her again during a recent drive in to work. The company had given me a window of 8am-12pm to do the repair. A little after...


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