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Is Your Program the $2 Bill of College Recruiting?

That's a picture of a $2 bill sitting our counter at home. In and off itself, that's not unusual except for the fact that I have teenagers in the house, and loose cash never sits unaccompanied for very long. But we're going on three weeks of this $2 bill just lying around, in a place that gets passed by many times a day in our house.  I noticed that it remained untouched about two weeks ago, and now it's become a sociological experiment. An experiment that could have some direct implications for you and your program's recruiting efforts. Here's what I mean: In our experience of working with college coaches, we've kept track of some of the things that seem to keep a prospect from actively engaging with recruiters.  You see, there's this delicate...


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6 Keys to Creating Impactful Recruiting Letters

by Jeremy Tiers, Director of Admissions Services A few weeks ago my 5-year old daughter became the official “mail getter” for our family. I know this because she told me so. This new position of hers came about after she received a recruiting letter, of sorts. She had received mail before from her grandparents, but this time was different. It was a flashy envelope addressed specifically to her from the kids club at our local mall. As we walked up the driveway my daughter tore open the envelope. Inside was a letter with her name hand-written at the top, listing upcoming events that “members” could experience, as well as other perks that came from joining the club. As she read through each bullet point the level of excitement in...


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Today’s Social Media, Coaching Sports and 12 Simple Actions To Take Now

by Mike Davenport, CoachingSportsToday.com Are you using social media? If so, is it helping or hurting your coaching? You walk, you leave footprints. Some prints are obvious, like through mud. Other prints, like walking on a basketball court, are harder to see. Regardless, you leave prints behind. We do the same in the digital world when we use social media — and as coaches these digital footprints deserve some serious consideration.

Digital Footprints

You could say I came to social media late in the game — y’know, being an old coach and all. You could say that, but you’d be wrong, because social media is not new. It’s been around for thousands of years. Socrates speaking in front of a crowd — was using social media. He presented info, and got immediate feedback. Same...


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The New Technology Tool Some Basketball Coaches Can’t Live Without

Larita Wilcher knows a problem when she see's it. Years of experience as a college basketball recruiting coordinator does that to a person. So when she ran across an issue she and her fellow coaches kept having to overcome, she set out to solve it. "I used many scouting services and databases, but none gave the recruiter a platform to host schedules in a way that would allow them to manipulate the data", says Wilcher.  "I also realized there was no central location that provided the schedules of those prospects that I needed, which meant that each year planning how we would efficiently use our recruiting days and coordinate it with the staff was a time consuming process.  Even when I had administrators and managers to help with compiling the schedules it...


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