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Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders, and Effective Recruiting as an Outsider

Politics offers some fascinating lessons for observant college coaches looking for lessons from the real world on how to effectively recruit their prospects. After all, what is Presidential campaigning if not recruiting a few million votes from your fellow countrymen and women? The similarities between recruiting and high-level political campaigns are numerous. The Presidential primary campaigns of 2016, in fact, provide some fascinating examples of how to break through the clutter of the typical campaign white-noise, and what makes candidates rise - and fall - in this new era of message marketing and creating an identity that stands out from the rest of the pack. Which brings us to the two most curious "recruiters" in this particular campaign cycle: Billionaire businessman Donald Trump on the Republican side, and self-describted socialist Senator Bernie Sanders on...


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Making Your First Contacts Count on September 1st

As you get ready to make your first contacts with a new group of recruits, we wanted to start our special Fall Client Insider series with a list of ideas we've seen working well in different first-contact scenarios. Adapt them to your specific needs at will, in an effort to make sure there's something a little bit different - and special - in the way you contact your new prospects compared to your competition: No selling.  This isn't new advice, but just a reminder when it comes to important advice we've seen as critical to successful early reach-out campaigns. Prospects you reach out to for the first time aren't interested in being "sold" on your program or school yet...in fact, you can't realistically do that in a first email, letter or phone call....


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10 New Things To Fire Up Your Coaching Experience This Week

by Mike Davenport, CoachingSportsToday.com

So let’s talk coaching …

Below are 10 things I thought could positively impact your coaching experience this week:

     1. Having a positive peer group can make or break you. Here’s how to, and how not to build a good one.

     2. When your life is falling apart what should you do? Try giving away your ideas, of course.

     3. If Tiny Gains can have a massive impact, think what they could do for you — and your team!

     4. This has nothing to do with coaching, but it is so bizarre that I just had to...


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7 Tips for Making Skype and Google Video Calls to Your Prospects

Video calls used to be an intriguing option for college coaches to consider when they wanted to stand out from the crowd and go the extra mile to impress one of their better recruits. Today, video calls using technology platforms like Skype, Google and FaceTime are becoming a go-to method for connecting more effectively with most of a college coach's recruiting list. But that can be a double-edged sword. On the one hand, the technology available to a coach today makes it so easy and seamless to connect with a prospect quickly and easily through video gives them the ability to add an extra dimension (sight) to the typical recruiting phone call. On the other hand, many coaches struggle to make an effective call, meaning that they don't treat it like the live...


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