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Truly Standing Out Takes Guts

by Jeremy Tiers, Director of Admissions Services Your school has a campus, classrooms, professors, dorms, a cafeteria, a student center, and so on just like every other college and university in the country. Are all those things the same at every institution? I don’t think so. Sure, a lot of colleges offer similar experiences, but there are also many differences between you and your competitors. Despite that fact, so many admissions departments are still much more comfortable following the norm and looking/sounding like everyone else (your website, your comm. flow, your campus visit) versus figuring out a bold move that will truly make you and/or your school stand out. If you're a client of ours or you and I have ever had a conversation before, then you know how much I...


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Admissions VIP Extra: December 6, 2016

Making phone calls that have a purpose: by Jeremy Tiers You need to have a game plan for every single recruiting phone call that you make.  Getting through your list is great, but how many of those conversations are actually helping you move the needle in your school's favor? Successful phone calls have a plan of attack. Key pieces of that plan need to be:

  • Having an opening statement that differentiates you and gives your prospect a real reason to sit up and pay attention
  • Asking really good questions that are specific to that prospect or parent and where they're at in the process
  • Taking the information you gain during the call and using it in future phone calls, emails, letters, and/or notes
  • Setting up the next phone call or communication (email/letter)


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Are You Utilizing Do-Not-Do Lists?

Mandy Green, Busy Coach We all have a tremendous amount to do these days.  Between recruiting, managing and training the team, office stuff, meetings, camps, etc, our to-do lists are getting longer and more out of control.   If you are one of the many coaches out there who is overwhelmed trying to get everything done, I want to help you regain control over your workload by helping you make better choices.  Since we only have so much time to get things done, you need to CHOOSE what gets done and what doesn’t get done. You must consciously choose what you will work on based on how it will affect your program and the results you want to produce and you need to delay or...


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TFRRS: How It Helped Shape Collegiate XCTF

chrisMby Chris Mateer, Front Rush In 2010, the foundations of college track and field and cross-country shifted. There was no massive legislation that was passed by the NCAA, there was no major scandal, and tracks remained 400 meters long. The change was brought on by a website with a pretty boring name and a very bare-bones layout. The site is known as the Track and Field Race Reporting System, or TFRRS for short. TFRRS is a simple website with a simple layout. It simply lists race results and filters these into various leaderboards and team rosters. What has made TFRRS so revolutionary, however, is the centralization of data and the linking that occurs. Race results are listed chronologically and sorted by season....


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