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Episode 10: 3 For 3 – Coaches Asking Tough Recruiting Questions

  Owen Handy, Thad Sankey, Garrett McLaughlinWe introduce a new ongoing show feature on our College Recruiting Weekly podcast, and we're calling it "3 for 3". The concept is simple: Invite three coaches to be guests on the podcast, and let them ask Dan Tudor three tough recruiting questions live on the air. No prep time, no hints...it's an honest back-and-forth conversation between three smart coaches and the host of the podcast. Our guest coaches in this episode are: Owen Handy (@Owen_Handy) - Head Men's Basketball Coach, Anderson University Thad Sankey (@ThadSankey) - Head Women's Basketball Coach, Concordia University Garrett McLaughlin (@_CoachG_) - Assistant Football Coach, Wagner College Just a heads-up, this episode is packed with information and detail, so be prepared for it to run a little...


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Episode 9: Michael Cross on Asking the Right Questions

One of the most interesting thinkers in college sports is Michael Cross, currently the associate athletic director at Penn State University and longtime college sports administrator. He has also founded a company that aims to give college administrators increased insights into how the student-athletes on their campuses view their experience, and how to attract more of the right kind of prospects to their schools. The company is Athlete Viewpoint, and their goal is simple: Learn how to ask today's generation of student-athlete the right kind of questions to gain true insights into how they think and make decisions. Coaches will come away from this episode with new insights on asking the right questions. CLICK HERE TO LISTEN CLICK HERE TO SUBSCRIBE...


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My Flight Cancellation Results In Key Advice for You

by Jeremy Tiers, Director of Admissions Services Often times, as I head off to lead a workshop with a college or university admissions department and their counselors, I have to deal with the inconvenience of flight delays and cancellations. My most recent issue was a cancellation in Chicago due to air traffic control…at least that’s what the text message said that the airline sent me. No, “we’re sorry for the inconvenience”, or “here’s how we’re going to help you”. Instead, the text message told me to go to their website to select an available rebooking option, or call a representative and ask for assistance (which you and I both know means call and sit on hold for who knows how many minutes). After sitting on hold with the airline for the...


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Admissions VIP Extra: January 17, 2017

Don’t make this mistake with your admitted students: by Jeremy Tiers Today I want to bring to your attention a common mistake that I see a lot of admissions professionals make later in the process that impacts yield in a negative way. Too many admissions counselors shift their communication efforts into cruise control after a prospect is admitted. If you’re having trouble coming up with things to talk to your admits about at this stage of the game then I’d wager you haven’t built a strong enough rapport yet. Here’s one easy thing that you can start doing today that will make a difference: Keep giving them reasons to pick your school. Your prospects crave direction. Even after they get admitted, they’re still looking for good reasons to ultimately choose your institution. Make sure you’re giving those to them. If...


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