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Think About Adding The GoPro To Your Coaching Toolbox

by Sean Devlin, Front Rush We are seeing more and more coaches using a GoPro for their existing team. If you are not familiar with the GoPro, it's the camera  strapped to an athlete's arm, head, board, stick, etc. and made famous by extreme sport athletes (surfers, snowboarders, etc) so  you can see the action from their perspective. Just google GoPro videos and you will be blown away. Many savvy coaches are using these low priced cameras to grab footage of their team and  analyze the plays later. We've seen coaches put the camera on their player's helmets (especially goalies) to see what's going on from the athlete's view. We've seen coaches hang GoPro's from basketball nets to get a full court view of the action and we've see...


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Teaching Your Prospects to Read the Greens Better

Golf glassesHold on a second: They make golfers read greens better?  The sunglasses make golfers read greens better? That was the promise.  Lured by the temptation of the tagline "seeing what #1 looks like", I studied the ad display in the middle of the mega-sports store for more than a few minutes. I came to the conclusion that it was brilliant.  And, as I thought about it later that afternoon, I realized that it's exactly the approach that more college recruiters need to take when they are creating messaging for their recruits. Coaches need to show their recruits that they're going to read greens better, if they commit to their program. Here's what I mean: Coaches need to go beyond telling a recruit what they have at their school, how many championships...


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Pink Is The WORST Color

by Tyler Brandt, National Recruiting Coordinator Recently a coach whom I have done camps with and known for a long time just got his walking papers. When you look at the success he's had it doesn’t really make sense - OR DOES IT? This is not an uncommon thing in sports, all of us that have coached at the collegiate level know  it is more of a business than an extracurricular activity. The expectations of our results as coaches are absolutely explicit. Unfortunately, too many coaches feel that because they were great athletes they automatically are great coaches. The intricacies of being a professional coach (this doesn’t mean a coach in the NFL or NBA, it’s a coach who gets paid to coach for his/her livelihood) are so far beyond the scope of learning a technique or...


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7 Ways to Amp-Up Your Visual Recruiting Message

When my wife's cell phone suddenly quit working yesterday, I jumped at the chance to earn a few points and rush to the cell phone store to talk about a replacement and return as the conquering hero. Back in the olden days, men would be expected to kill a buffalo to feed his family, or ride horseback to the  next state for the opportunity to work in a mine.  Now?  We alpha-males negotiate cell phone upgrades with high school aged cell phone sales reps. That family from Little House on the Prairie would be impressed, I'm sure. Once I had completed the dangerous journey to the cell phone store and fended-off savage marauders for a pretty decent parking spot, I began my quest for an iPhone for my wife. ATT1

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