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I’m Going To Lose, And So Are You

by Mike Davenport, CoachingSportsToday.com It is going to happen. The odds of either of us being undefeated are wicked small. Yet, I bet you plan on winning, focus on winning, seldom talking about "that other" outcome. I do the same, because we are an optimistic lot, us coaches. But we need to think about losing, not for the team's sake, but for our own sake. We need a plan for when (not if, but when) losing happens. Here's the deal ... coaching is emotional and stressful. Some researchers have found coaches go through a heavy load of stress during a contest. When the contest is evenly matched, and the expectation of winning is great, the heavier is the impact of losing upon the coach. We coach in a world where the winner gets...


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Can Emoticons Improve Your Recruiting?

by Sean Devlin, Front Rush Love them or hate them, emoticons (you know the smiley faces like :)) have found their place in common written correspondence and if you choose NOT to use them, you might be at a disadvantage. Experian (CheetahMail) recently did a study showing 56% of brands studied had an improvement in their unique open-rate when using emoticons in their subject line. What? So when brands send out emails, and put an emoticon in their subject line, they've seen more people are opening them. Getting recipients to open emails is a fundamental challenge for marketers, recruiters, coaches, etc. It seems like such an easy task but with the amount of marketing emails the average person gets day to day, finding that niche can be...


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Teaching Recruiting Techniques While Selling Cosmetics at the Mall

If you keep your eyes open, there are people all around you in your daily life that can teach you really valuable recruiting techniques. I was reminded of that on a recent walk through the Water Tower Place mall in downtown Chicago.  It's seven levels of shopping paradise - at least if you ask my wife, my daughter, and my mother-in-law, who were with me in Chicago after visiting my daughter in college. My 7-year old son knows that the second floor of the mall is home to a Lego store, so we were chasing behind him as he darted into  building block heaven.  As I looked behind me, I noticed that the rest of my family was now talking to a stylishly dressed cosmetics salesman at the Orogold Cosmetics kiosk. I...


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How Geno Made Pressure Fun

I had the chance to be in the crowd at the 2014 NCAA women's basketball national championship game, where the UConn Huskies won the title and completed a perfect season. At the center of the celebration was their longtime coach, Geno Auriemma.  Fans of women's basketball seem to either love him or hate him (proportionally, I'm guessing, based on how close you live to Storrs, Connecticutt).  However, no matter which side you land on, you have to admire what he has built through recruiting and coaching. But what I want to focus on has nothing to do with how well his Huskies played against a previously undefeated Notre Dame team. It's actually something I heard their talented center, Breanna Stewart talk about in front of their cheering fans as they were being...


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