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It’s as Easy as 1, 2, 3 With Your Prospects

by Jeremy Tiers, Director of Admissions Services Throughout the summer I’ve heard from a number of admissions counselors and directors, who are trying to “crack the code” when it comes to connecting with today’s teenage prospect. Everyone wants a competitive edge as they begin to build relationships with this next class of recruits. If you want to convince more prospects that your school is that “right fit,” then your recruiting communications better be impactful and generate a high level of interaction from prospects. Unfortunately, a large majority of those same prospects continue to declare that most of the material they receive from colleges sounds the same. It’s a primary reason why a lot of admissions departments become our clients. They want to make sure they’re employing the...


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Will your coaching experience be wonderful or hateful?

by Mike Davenport, CoachingSportsToday.com There are four kinds of coaching experiences. Unfortunately most of us end up with the bad kind.

The four flavors

The place we dream of being is that coveted upper-right hand corner. That is where things are positive and you’ve been constructive. That’s where you want to be — but that’s not where most coaches end up. Many coaches, all too often, find themselves having experiences in the negative-and-destructive zones. Even finding themselves dwelling in the cellar — that terrible lower-left hand corner. There the lights are dim, the work hard, the rewards few, and the price of admission steep.

You have to know this

You will have an experience as a coach. You cannot NOT have one. The big question is, which quadrant will your experience reside in? The power lies with you in determining the...


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And the Winner Is…

by Jeremy Tiers, Director of Admissions Services Raise your hand if you watch award shows such as The Academy Awards, The Grammys and The Golden Globes. For my wife, it’s can’t miss television (although I’m convinced she just likes to see who’s wearing what outfit/jewelry). Last week I watched the ESPYs (short for Excellence in Sports Performance Yearly Awards). ESPN assembles some of the greatest athletes in the world all under one roof and then celebrates and relives the best moments of 2015. Unlike my wife, I don't tune in to see what suit LeBron is wearing, or whether or not Russell Wilson’s jacket color will match his girlfriend Ciara’s belt (which it did by the way). Okay, you can stop laughing now. Award shows highlight the amazing work of...


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Multitasking Makes You Dumber Than Being Stoned!

by Mandy Green, University of South Dakota Women's Soccer The speech that I gave at Dan Tudor’s NCRC was called “Multitasking Makes You Dumber than Being Stoned.” I asked the 100+ coaches who were there in Nashville this question and I will ask it of you now. How many of the following common multitasking activities do you engage in?

  • Writing e-mails while speaking on the telephone
  • Abandon writing an email while in mid-sentence to check new email
  • Texting while watching game film
  • Surfing the internet while talking to a colleague
  • Processing email while in a meeting
  • Tweeting while instant messaging while...
To boost productivity, many of us multitask like this to some degree. We have so many things to do, it seems to make sense that to get everything done that we should do more than one thing...


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