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10 Reasons Why Your Recruiting Efforts Might Be Falling Short

by Jeremy Tiers, Director of Admissions Services It happened this year not only to first-year admissions counselors but also some veteran ones - They didn’t reach their enrollment goals for their territory or demographic. Many of you are worried. I know because you’ve talked with me about it. Something went wrong this recruiting cycle and you’re not exactly sure what, or why. You just know that it can’t be the same result with this next class of students. Recruiting (which is really selling, remember) is an essential duty and responsibility in just about every single admissions/enrollment counselor’s job description. If you don’t recruit well, you might not keep your job. And even if they let you keep your job, it’s no fun going to work everyday unhappy and feeling like you’re...


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Cowardly Coaching, A Decision

by Mike Davenport, CoachingSportsToday.com A superhero movie is always playing in our local theater. I grab the kids and go because those movies are fun and exciting. But they’re fiction. I’d like to be a superhero-coach. That coach who is always doing the right thing, at the right time, for the right reason. Being brave all the time. Well, that’s fiction too. Because there’s times I’ve been a coward as a coach. When I wasn’t brave. Not easy to admit.

The Truth Hurts But … It’s The Truth

Here’s an important truth of coaching which won’t make the job postings … there will be times when its wicked tempting to be a coward. For me, it was times like:
  • when I had to cut that kid who gave her all
  • when I was...


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Stop Being a Multitasking Maniac

by Mandy Green, Busy Coach Happy start of the summer to all of you!  With this being a crazy time of year with wrapping up the spring season, graduation, getting summer off to a good start, etc., I wanted to send you a quick reminder on how you should NOT be working in the office. Maximum performance in the office for us coaches is possible only when you concentrate single-mindedly on the task—the most important task, and you stay at it until it is 100 percent complete. Remember, multi-tasking is the antithesis of productivity.  Multitasking is actually a myth. It is impossible. You actually cannot mentally and effectively multitask. We only have 1 brain and it does not function like a computer.  The brain has only one channel for language. Here...


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The Secret Weapon of Your Recruitment Campaign, and Why It Works

by Jeremy Tiers, Director of Admissions Services A couple of weeks ago our family added more sports equipment to the bin. The newest additions are a helmet, bat, glove, ball and cleats. Oh and a special bag of course, because how else is my almost 7-year old daughter going to carry all that stuff to softball practice. Over the past 15 months or so my daughter has tried her hand at gymnastics, soccer, basketball, and now softball. Each time right at the start the same thing has happened. She gets frustrated because she isn’t immediately able to score every goal, make every shot, or hit a pitch that’s not sitting on a tee. The late Jim Rohn – entrepreneur, author and motivational speaker — has said, “Success is neither magical nor...


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