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Letting Your Inmates Run the Recruiting Asylum

It all started to go right when San Diego State women's golf coach Leslie Spalding had to leave campus and go out on the road to recruit. At the last minute, she assigned the task of doing a video for a little trick shot contest to the young women on her team.  She gave them no instruction.  The last-minute project wasn't planned out and assigned by Coach Spalding, and there were no adults nearby supervising and directing them.  It was just the women on the team, an iPhone, an iMovie editing app, and took a little over an hour to make.  They made up the shots as they went along.  (The segment of the team putting 7 balls into the hole at one time?  It took 25 tries!) Fast forward a...


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Have You Given Them a Reason to Visit Campus?

by Jeremy Tiers, Director of Admissions Services Spring break weeks are fast approaching. A large majority of your younger prospects, primarily juniors, are currently putting together a road map of college campuses to visit. Have you and your admissions staff made a compelling case highlighting the benefits that prospective students and their parents can gain by visiting your campus? “Wait a minute Jeremy, I’ve written personal letters, sent emails, and had productive phone calls with them. Why wouldn’t they want to come and visit?” Even though a campus visit would seem to be the next logical step in the process for those prospects, I’m here to tell you that it’s not a mere formality.   Being consistent with your messaging, building the relationship over time, and inviting them to visit...


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Coaching Sports When Things Go Wrong: 8 Tips To Use

by Mike Davenport, CoachingSportsToday.com Sometimes, not often, but sometimes, I wish I coached an indoor sport. Especially when our river looks like this:                             Usually we are ice-free by this time of year, practicing happily on the water. But not this year. Ohh no… This year we’ve been thrown a knuckleball.

Batter Up!

A knuckleball is a pitch which has the tendency to move unexpectantly and erratically, veering from its original path. It looks like one thing, yet becomes another. Here’s the thing … coaches are thrown knuckleballs all the time:
  • A starting player has to go home for a family emergency, right before the big game
  • Wednesday’s contest is changed to Friday, due to weather, and that conflicts with your important personal obligation
  • You miss practice, because you are sick (yes, I know, you’d have to...


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The 35th Anniversary Of The Miracle On Ice

by Charlie Adams, StokeTheFireWithin.com For coaches out there reading this today, Tuesday, this is the actual 35th anniversary date of the ending of the Miracle on Ice. On Febuary 24th, 1980 coach Herb Brook's USA team rallied to beat Finland 4-2. "The impossible dream comes true," said ABC's Al Michaels, two days after his famous "Do you believe in miracles?!" call. The 19 surviving players returned to Lake Placid Saturday night. It was the first time the whole surviving team was back in Lake Placid since 1980. No doubt, one reason they made sure to return was the realization of mortality. Bob Suter became the first player to die back in September when he died of a heart attack at age 57. He was at his...


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