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Do You Really Know What Your Prospects Are Thinking?

by Jeremy Tiers, Director of Admissions Services Prospective students think differently than you do. But you know this…or do you? I ask because a surprising number of admissions counselors that I talk to don’t realize it, and it’s preventing them from becoming dominant recruiters. Many of you are concerned with your school’s history, your school’s location, and other “stuff” as you build-out your recruiting story for your prospects. Oh, and you need to be able to offer a better financial aid package every time too, right?  Otherwise there’s just no way that you can get more prospects to visit your campus or increase your enrollment. In the majority of cases, that kind of thinking is flat-out wrong. I can tell you that with confidence because we’ve had the chance to personally interview hundreds...


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Overlooked Foundations of Recruiting (and Tree Houses)

[gallery ids="6548,6551,6552"]   I'm not an expert tree house builder. In fact, this is my first attempt at building a tree house. You do these kinds of things when you have a ten year old son. Don't get me wrong: If you stand back, tilt your head just right, and squint to kind of make it all blurry, it looks perfect. It supports the weight of a 200 pound man (that's me in the first picture...easily identified by my K-Swiss tennis shoes). It'll get the job done. But it's far from perfect. So, what went wrong? One of the corners of the platform didn't have a perfect 90-degree angle. Which means all the other corners don't have perfect 90-degree angles, which some (most?) contractors and construction pros would argue is a recipe for disaster when it comes to how...


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You Used TO Call Me On My Home Phone

chrisMby Chris Mateer, Front Rush The recruitment process requires a fine balance between maintaining contact and giving the student-athlete room to breathe. As a coach, the last thing you want is to go too long without maintaining some form of contact. At the same time, too many calls can become intrusive, especially considering a senior-athlete’s busy schedule. Luckily, the rise of email, text, social media, and, yes, even Snapchat, have given both coaches and student athletes more flexibility than ever in how they go about the recruitment process. These relatively new forms communication leave coaches with countless decisions to make regarding how to contact a recruit. We’ll stick to addressing just one of these decisions today though: when do you pick up the...


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Do You Excel at These 7 Things?

by Jeremy Tiers, Director of Admissions Services All summer long I’ve offered you a series of articles that I hope will aid in your professional development. Remember, doing some critical self-evaluation is important if you want to improve a particular skill and ultimately become a more dominant admissions professional. One of the most popular parts of our On-Campus Training Workshops is the 1-on-1-counselor consultation. During these meetings a couple of counselors always ask me what skills and traits I believe separate a high performing counselor/recruiter from an average one. If you’re expecting to see words like “organized,“ “friendly,” and “good communicator,” that’s not where this list is going. Those are givens. Instead, I’m going to share some skills and characteristics that I see consistently, not just in admissions counselors who...


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