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Developing Your Recruiting Relationship

by Jeremy Tiers, Director of Admissions Services At a time when colleges and universities are looking especially hard at the bottom line, admissions professionals must be able to consistently market and sell their school to prospective students and their parents. That’s the bottom line. One of the biggest challenges we’re often asked to address during our On-Campus Training Workshops is how to get and keep the attention of today’s prospects. It’s an on-going battle that’s for sure. If the teenager or twenty something on the other end wants to ignore your recruiting message, you can’t stop him or her. What you can do however is provide them with compelling reasons to choose your school over the competition. Here’s even better news! You don’t need to have a big time...


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Part Two: 4 Biggest Mistakes College Coaches Make

Courtesy NCSA Athletic Recruiting In part one of this two part series, we talked about two mistakes that the former coaches and college athletes at NCSA Athletic Recruiting end up witnessing year after year: The mistake of poor time management, and the mistake of leading a prospect to believe that you are really interested in them. In our experience of communicating and helping coaches for the past two decades, we can tell you that there are two other critical errors that college recruiters make while communicating with their prospects:

  1. Stopping the recruiting process too early with a prospect, and...
  2. Failing to recruit a prospect's family.
Truthfully, both of these could be tied to poor time management, as well as organizational challenges. Stopping the recruiting process too early. Many college recruiters...


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The Key to Your Productivity

by Mandy Green, Busy Coach As we are all hopefully enjoying our summer breaks and preparing for our upcoming seasons, I wanted to send you a few friendly reminders about how you can completely change the energy that you bring to everything you do when your seasons starts up again. You might be asking, “Why is Mandy talking about my energy levels again?” For me, managing my energy levels really has been key to my productivity and getting things done.  If you want a great book on the subject, read the book The Power of Full Engagement, by Tony Schwartz. How is your health these days? Can you wake up before your alarm and do what’s...


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Drones: What’s All the Buzz

cip_pic_360by Chelsea Cipriani, Front Rush Every week, I head over to Dusty Rhodes Dog Park in Ocean Beach, San Diego with my two crazy Italian Greyhounds (semi-instafamous @izzy.the.iggy).  Throughout the year, I have witnessed many different activities in the park however, more recently, I can’t help but notice the increasing recreational use of drones. Maybe they have always been there but there is one defining moment that I began to notice their existence.  Just for a visual, the dog park is separated by a fence, keeping the small dogs on one side, and the bigger dogs on the other.  I probably wouldn’t have noticed this drone, until Baxter, a lab mix, made a run for the corner...


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