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The Real Goal of Your Recruiting Conversations

Most coaches understand what an amazing feat it actually is when they can establish a good, ongoing dialog with a prospect. It's not easy: You start with dozens, if not hundreds, of prospects at the start of the process. And you work to establish some kind of communication with as many as possible, and soon find that the vast majority aren't going to take your opportunity all that seriously. So for the prospects who make it through those many different filters, and take the time to actually engage with you by phone, text or email, it becomes critical for coaches to foster that opportunity by leading the conversation - not just 'having' a conversation. The first is action-oriented, the later is passive. Too many coaches, in our work with different programs around the country, stay satisfied with just hearing from...


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Have You Asked These Questions Yet?

By Jeremy Tiers, Director of Admissions Services    Today’s article will take you about 60 seconds to read and will give you a massive ROI if you follow through. Here we go! Every time a college brings me to campus to lead a recruiting training workshop, I ask at least a couple of the admissions staff what was most helpful. One of the biggest things I hear goes something like, “I love all the questions that you gave us.” Asking the right kinds of questions is without a doubt a game changer and something that will immediately separate you from your competitors. Most of the...


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How Many of These 29 Things Are You Doing?

By Jeremy Tiers, Director of Admissions Services    There are a number of different ways that you can create better recruiting stories. While I was doing some fall cleaning, I came across a bunch of them in various documents and notes on my MacBook. My first thought was to pass along these tips and recruitment strategies to you in this week’s article. Not all of these will apply to you, but a lot of them will. And whether you’re a long time reader or one of the many new people that have been added to my newsletter community over the past few weeks, reply...


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9 Signs You’re an Exceptionally Productive College Coach

by Mandy Green, Busy Coach

I found this great article written on Inc. by Jeff Haden.  I converted parts of it from a business perspective and applied it to what we do as coaches but the majority of the article is the same.   

The most productive people do a lot more than just stay busy. Many coaches stay busy. After all, checking items off a to-do list isn't hard.

What's hard is checking the right things off your to-do list, completing the right projects, and getting the right stuff done. That's when you go from busy to productive -- and in the process become indispensable to your programs success.

Here are some of the...


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