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Making Sure the Admissions Travel Season Doesn’t Turn Into Groundhog Day

by Jeremy Tiers, Director of Admissions Services My first introduction to life on the road occurred as a 22 year-old Recruiting Analyst working for a basketball scouting service. Over a four-month span known as the "AAU season," I traveled from state to state attending events where I would spend between 12 and 14 hours a day in high school gymnasiums. My goal was to evaluate as many of the nation’s top high school boys recruits as I could, and compete with other media entities for information from these teenagers on their college recruitment. I moved from hotel to hotel, ate way too much fast food, drank way too much Red Bull, and a couple of times even slept in my rental car. By this point you may be asking,...


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How College Coaches Can Profit From Watching “The Profit”

Most college coaches who have spent time in the private sector would agree that being successful in recruiting is a lot like being successful in business. If you run your business the right way, profits will follow.  If you run an organized recruiting effort, you'll get good recruits consistently, year after year. Many businesses, like many coaching staffs, don't organize themselves to operate profitably.  The results are dire: They struggle financially, jeopardize their personal relationships because of the stress, and often have to close their doors.  While the end results for a college coach may look a little different, the symptoms are identical: Struggling bottom-line results, increased stress, and losing out on the recruits you really want. This is where a reality T.V. show might just be the answer you're looking for - whether you're a business owner, or...


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7 Things Leg Defense Taught Me About Being A Successful College Recruiter

by Tyler Brandt, National Recruiting Coordinator One of the most difficult things to do in wrestling is beat a good leg rider! The history of wrestling has proven that when you're really good (I mean exceptionally good) at using the legs to score you become a formidable opponent. I think there is a simple explanation for this, even though the real life application is very difficult to execute. One of the reasons good leg riders have so much success is that they … CONTROL THEIR OPPONENT'S POSITION & KNOW WHERE THEY’RE GOING NEXT!! What this really means is that the offensive wrestler, or the “leg rider”, not only is in control of their opponents current position, they’re dictating the position they’ll be in next and are prepared to control that position...


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Featured Series: The ‘Miracle’ Behind Herb Brooks’s Miracle On Ice

by Charlie Adams, StokeTheFireWithin.com I have always encouraged college coaches to not only get the movie Miracle on DVD but to make sure it has the extras on it. On the second disc is a war-room type conversation the producers of the movie and actor Kurt Russell had with coach Herb Brooks in 2002. It was less than a year before Brooks would be killed in a car accident. They asked Herb to share behind the scenes information on how he built the 1980 US Olympic hockey team and led it to the greatest sports moment of the 20th century - the stunning 4-3 upset of the Soviets and the gold medal two days later in Lake Placid, NY. Here is what Herb had to say on a variety of...


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