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How to Persuade Them Through Small Wins

By Jeremy Tiers, Director of Admissions Services    It’s important to take your time and lead prospective students through the process of understanding all the different reasons why they should want to choose your school over the other colleges on their list. That involves persuasion and patience…sometimes a lot of patience. Always remember though that the college search process for a student is exactly that, a process. Too many colleges right now are trying to skip steps and accelerate a student’s decision-making process. They’re pushing them to visit campus and/or complete their school’s application before the student feels ready to do so. Sometimes that...


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The 4 Step Process to a Winning Recruiting Message

I am excited to announce that Busy Coach is partnering with Tudor Collegiate Strategies to bring “Organize Your Recruiting” seminars to the coaching community. 

My sole purpose for doing these workshops is to be able to be face-to-face and in person with coaches to help reduce their stress and get their recruiting better organized.

Today I wanted to share with you one small piece of what will be covered in these half day seminars. 

After hearing from dozens of coaches I speak with each week about how overwhelming social media can be, especially having to come up with new content that is relevant, I’ve created this information to help simplify social media for coaches. 

These coaches typically...


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Stop Trying to Become a Better College Coach!

by Mike Davenport, Coaching Sports Today

Why is it that coaches are rarely formally taught?

  • Drivers are taught
  • Doctors are taught
  • Teachers are taught

But college coaches?


Coaches are rarely formally taught — especially in the US. (Did you know that the United States is one of the few developed countries that does NOT have a national coaching education program?)

So what’s a coach to do, to get better?

Here are a few suggestions:

A) Find a dang good mentor. One who will care and feed your improvement-hunger.

B) Create a positive learning environment. You won’t learn or develop in a negative place. That stifles growth, and development. So work...


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We Need to Talk About Those Emails and Letters

By Jeremy Tiers, Director of Admissions Services    We need to talk about them because words like confusing, overwhelming, and boring continue to show up in our surveys way too often when we ask students about the emails and letters they receive, and the conversations they have, with colleges during their search. Too many colleges still don’t appreciate the need for using the right language in their recruiting communications. The result is lower levels of engagement and less action being taken. I’m not just referring to what your marketing and communications staff might send out either. I’m also talking about the emails, letters, hand-written...


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