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iPhone vs Android

cip_pic_360Chelsea Cipriani, Front Rush It could be a question on a dating site - that’s how important the answer is to some.  Are Android users compatible with iPhone users?  What does it all mean??  Joking aside, the differences in devices and the debates probably come up in discussion for each of us about once a week...maybe even more often between your coworkers, your friends, and your family.   It is also important among recruits.  While I was on campus last month a coach mentioned to me that his recruits (the iPhone users) did not like interacting through text with Android users because texts come through as green and not blue.  He was referring to iMessage.  iMessage works with iPhone and can operate while...


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7 Ways For You Athletes to Talk About Athletic Experience on a Job Interview

NCSA TeamRecruiting the next wave of student-athletes to your program can be bittersweet. While you secure your commitments and bring in new athletes to further your program, it also signifies a time when you prepare to say goodbye to seniors that have positively impacted your team in recent years. While there is no doubt that your lessons over the years have set your athletes up for success in the future, have you done enough to prepare them for finding that first job out of college, once the competition at your program ends? For many of your graduating athletes, they will want to transfer that passion they had competing for you on the field, the court, the diamond, etc.. to the next step in their professional career. We know...


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Are YOU Making These 2 Critical Time Management Mistakes?

Mandy Green, Busy.Coach Coach, have you ever come back from lunch, checked your email, fiddled around on the web, and realized that two or three hours had just slipped away from you?   Every day, so many coaches engage themselves in activities that are not relevant to their goals, recruiting, or their vision for their program. These coaches waste an enormous amount of time every day and they aren’t even aware that they are doing it. I wrote a report called 11 Mistakes That Stop Coaches from Being Successful.  There are a lot of mistakes that coaches are making in the office that are costing a lot of time and wasted energy. Brian Tracy,...


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Episode 15: Mark Tewart on Recruiting Like a Car Sales Pro

Believe it or not, Coach, you can learn a few things from a good car salesman. The two jobs - coaching and selling cars - have a lot in common. And the process - recruiting an athlete and selling your car to a buyer on a car lot - is incredibly similar. Our guest on this edition of the College Recruiting Weekly podcast is Mark Tewart, a popular consultant to the car sales industry and advisor to businesses around the country. He was also a speaker at our annual Summer recruiting training event, the National Collegiate Recruiting Conference, and wowed the coaches in attendance with his applicable lessons in how to guide a prospect to a decision. In this episode, we dive deep into the world of car sales: What makes a...


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