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The Video Solution for Coaching Beyond Your Practice

As more and more college coaches begin to use the inexpensive, easy-to-use Dartfish Express app for college coaches, there's another free teaching tool that more and more programs are using to coach their athletes even after practice is over. It's called Dartfish.tv, and it's revolutionizing how players at large and small colleges alike are getting visual feedback from their coaches 24/7. After recording video on the Dartfish Express app for smart phones, college coaches are posting that video for each athlete - with coaching notes and instruction - on their free Dartfish.tv account, which can be accessed by their team after practice is done. One Division I program that is doing just that is the track and field program at Texas Christian University.  They've...


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Dads Cry Too

by Mike Davenport, CoachingSportsToday.com I cried for 20 minutes today. I'm an alpha-type guy. I'm used to compartmentalizing and burying my emotions. But not today. Today was different. It was check-in-day. I dropped my oldest off at college — to start his freshman year. I'm not supposed to cry, my wife is. Sure, I get that. And there's a lot of misery in the World right now, so depositing my kid at a good college to get a good education is supposed to be a happy event. Fine and dandy. But here's the thing, I don't care. I'll miss him. Really miss him. Here's the bigger thing — the important thing — the thing YOU should know as a college coach — I'm NOT the only Dad who cries. There are others — lots. We go...


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The Moment Vs. The Movement

by Tyler Brandt, National Recruiting Coordinator We are tuned in to looking for teachable “moments” as educators and coaches, the problem is they are just that - fleeting moments. The thing is,  moments are  are a lot like cats - they operate on their own schedule and are never really where you need them when you need them. This is the same challenge coaches have when it comes to recruiting, we recruit in the moment. So many coaches are trying to CREATE the “Flutie Effect” in their programs every day, losing sight of the fact that even if they can do it - it’s still just a moment in time and that moment will be gone. Once that moment is gone another moment has to be created to sustain success and we...


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The App That Changes the Way You Coach Your Athletes

Most college coaches want to coach their athletes quickly, effectively and accurately. Yet, communicating with them in a way that meets those three important goals is challenging, to say the least. Well for a few college coaches - especially those who look to technology for newer coaching tools - they've uncovered an easy-to-use app that is making coaching athletes quick, effective and accurate. And the best part?  It costs about the same as a cup of your favorite overpriced morning coffee. It's the cool new Dartfish Express app for smartphones and tablets, and it's being used to provide instant coaching feedback to college athletes through video.  And after the instant feedback on the field, court, track or pool, coaches can upload that video to their own Dartfish.tv site for their individual...


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