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4 Techniques That Will Help You Overcome Your Prospect’s Objections

by Jeremy Tiers, Director of Admissions Services Every college admissions professional is going to encounter objections from a prospective student or their parents during the recruiting process. Ivy League, Liberal Arts or Public University…they all get faced with objections. This past week at NACAC the theme of my booth revolved around the idea that your prospects want you to be an admissions superhero. I explained to counselors, directors and VP’s of enrollment that recruits are looking for someone to rescue them from a college admissions process that is stressful and at times downright exhausting. If you’re going to be an admissions superhero, you’re going to have to overcome those objections as quickly as possible. If you don't do that throughout the recruiting process, the chances of that prospect choosing your...


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Key Questions to Ask Your Recruit AFTER They Visit Campus

In college recruiting - especially this time of year - there is often a singular focus from coaches who are doing all they can to ask the right questions of their recruits in order to get one thing from them: Their commitment to visit campus. That's the holy grail of college recruiting, no matter what the age of the recruit. And what most coaches end up focusing on are the questions they can ask a recruit that will get them engaged and talking, inching them closer and closer to that campus visit you're coveting. And there's nothing wrong with that. Nothing at all. But it's only half the story. As our research clearly shows, getting them to campus - while vitally important in the process - simply moves them into a different phase...


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7 Steps To Turn Your Coaching Into An Amazing Experience

by Mike Davenport, CoachingSportsToday.com How’s your coaching? Having an amazing experience? If so, then — bravo. Stop reading and get back to what you were doing. For the rest of us, who at one time or another feel our coaching experience can be better, I offer a few suggestions. Foundation first Great homes are built on solid foundations. Same with great coaching experiences. There lies something rock-solid underneath it. Y’see, coaching can be rewarding, but those rewards don’t come easy. Many coaches I work with have big hearts, big desires, and big energy. But often they haven’t taken the foundational steps so the rewards are accessible. They miss out — needlessly. Up for an experiment? In 7 steps anyone can build a solid foundation for their coaching experience. An experience that rocks. Rewards. Rejuvenates. If you’re...


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20 Things Your Recruits Told Us That You Should Know

by Jeremy Tiers, Director of Admissions Services When an admissions department brings us to campus to lead one of our training workshops, part of what we do is conduct extensive focus group research with their student body. The questions we ask produce honest, valuable feedback on a number of different parts of the recruitment process. In a nutshell, the institution we’re working with discovers how this generation of student wants to be recruited. In addition to our focus group research with colleges and universities nationwide, I regularly interact with prospective students at college fairs, local high school sporting events, restaurants, and yes, even airports when I travel. My goal is always the same: I want to hear what your “typical recruit” wants from you as they’re being recruited. Today, in no...


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