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May 21st, 2012

What Looks Like a Square Hockey Puck and Helps You Present Ideas to Recruits?

by Sean Devlin, Front Rush

For a long time, when giving presentations, we used the whole projector+laptop+cords set-up.

Even internally when going over our own “playbook”, our conference room here at the Front Rush headquarters is outfitted with the same type of set-up. I’ve never been a big fan of projectors because they never seem to fit the screen right, they take forever to load up, you’ve got a bunch of wires, and you have to replace bulbs. Not to mention, unless you can afford the HD version, the image quality is really poor.

Well, like many times before, we found a solution in Apple.

Apple offers a hockey puck sized device for $99 bucks called “Apple TV” (http://www.apple.com/appletv/). Apple TV connects directly to your television and then you connect your iPhone, iPad, Laptop, etc to it wirelessly. All you have to do is be on the same wifi network.

So whats cool about it? Well there are a few things, and many of them could be great ideas for you as college recruiters:

1) If you are watching a video on your iPad, you can automatically stream it so that it appears on your television (through your Apple TV). This includes both video and sound which is great for watching recruits on YouTube, or showing a family your team highlight video on a television monitor.

2) If you want to show your staff something that exists only in an app, you can display it directly on Apple TV. So for example, we are currently working on a new Front Rush iPhone app. To get a full size version, we just stream it via Apple TV and everyone can see it.

3) If you are giving a presentation with Keynote (think Powerpoint for Apple) on your iPad, it can show up directly on the television.  It’s a great visual tool to use with your recruits.

4) Its completely wireless, so while you are displaying your presentation from your iPad or iPhone, you can be walking around.

5) Its more portable than a projector. It can fit in the front pocket of your book bag. Of course, this assumes that the location of the presentation has a television but still not a bad start.

Technology is providing more and more tools for smart recruiters to use in their coaching life.  Are you taking advantage of them?

Sean Devlin is our resident technical guru, and one of the brains behind the popular Front Rush recruiting management system.  Visit FrontRush.com to see the latest advances in recruiting organization, and consider joining your fellow coaches from around the country in using the most popular and most reliable recruiting management software available.