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February 26th, 2007

Try a SFC Premium Membership for FREE!

Now you can try our SFC Premium Membership for FREE!

We’ll give you a free 30-day trial of the best recruiting, sales and communication skills training available for today’s serious college coach. 

If you don’t like what you see during your trial membership, just cancel your account before the end of your first 30 days and you won’t be charged anything.  It’s quick, easy and secure. 

Or, if you keep your subscription active and continue to pay just $29 a month – less than $1 a day!  You can still cancel your training subscription at anytime if you aren’t absolutely, 100% satisfied with the techniques and training that you’re receiving.  All of our Premium Membership subscriptions run month-to-month, with no long term commitments or contracts.    

Ready to put Selling for Coaches to the test?  Here’s what do:

  1. Click here to go to the secure SFC Premium Member sign-up page.
  2. Click on the "Add to Cart" button.
  3. In the section marked "Coupon or Gift Card", enter in the following free offer code for your one month free Premium Membership trial:  30FREESFC2007    
  4. Make sure you enter the code exactly as shown, using capital letters and no spaces between the letters and numbers.
  5. Click on the "Update Cart" button, and you should see your total for your order now showing $0.00.
  6. Now, smile!  You just got something for free! 
  7. If you’re done shopping, proceed to checkout.  At this point, if you’re a new customer, you’ll be asked for your contact and billing information.
  8. Do you have questions before buying?  E-mail me at dan@sellingforcoaches.com.

Does the training work?  We asked some of our Premium Members to give us their thoughts, and here’s a quick sample of what we received back:

"Our athletic director told me the other day that its the best money he spends every month.  Our whole department has seen positive results from the training your staff has put together for us."   – Terry T, Virginia

"It’s training that always makes me think.  The information that’s given is easy to understand and very easy to put into practice."  – Pat B, California

"I used to dread recruiting, especially when I had to do it over the phone.  You’ve taught me two techniques that I now use every day in talking with athletes, and it’s made a HUGE difference in my attitude about having to recruit and also how effective I am at recruiting."    – Kimberly N, Florida

"Me and my assistant have been a part of three of the special webinars you have for Premium Members.  We really got a lot out of the one on how to increase attendance by 20%, and how you applied that to recruiting.  It was really interesting." – David T, Washington

"I plan on being a member as long as you offer the service, Dan.  I just don’t want you to start working with my two main competitors!  We’re starting to see a difference in how we recruit against them, and they haven’t figured out what we’re doing yet.  We feel like we have a little secret weapon now, and we don’t want to share it.  Don’t use my name with this, if that’s OK."  – Annonymous

That last one is my favorite, and you can probably see why! 

We enjoy helping coaches become better at something that they don’t necessarily like doing.  There’s a lot of satisfaction for our staff in the difference we’re able to make in the coaching lives of our Premium Members, and want you to experience that same level of service.

We hope you take this opportunity for in-depth training that more than 300 coaches and athletic departments have chosen to participate in, and accept our invitation to try our Premium Membership for free for the next 30 days.  There’s nothing to lose (except your fear of recruiting, bad communication habits, lack of selling skills, etc).

An Example of Our Work

The coach we’ll talk about gave us permission to share this story, and it’s a great example of how we work with college coaches and why our training is effective.

A D1 assistant football coach, who we’ll call "Greg", became a SFC Premium Member about five months ago after reading our recruiting guide for coaches.  Football recruiting was already underway, and his responsibility as a first year assistant was a specific state that bordered the state his college was located in.  He told us that he needed to "shave about three years off the learning curve" when it came to recruiting, since he and his staff were under the gun to sign a great class.  He wanted our help in doing that.

The first thing we did after he became a Premium Member was to talk with him and get an idea of what kind of strengths and weaknesses he had as a recruiter, and to find out what some other potential hurdles were in his recruiting activities. 

It wasn’t long before we uncovered a major problem with his approach: He wasn’t asking open-ended questions.  The kind of questions that not only get an athlete to open-up, but to also give a coach key information in how they really want to be recruited.  We worked with him for a few sessions over two weeks, and then had him practice on a prospect that he had been trying (but failing) to make any real progress with.

About a week later, Greg called back.  Using one of the voicemail tips we gave him, he finally got a returned call from his prospect (by his count, he had left about ten messages for the athlete, only one of which had been returned).  They spent a half hour on the phone, where Greg "forced himself" (his words, not ours!) to ask the questions that we recommended asking for that particular prospect.  The result?  Greg got details and insights about the athlete that he wouldn’t have dreamed he could have uncovered just a few week earlier.  He even discovered a mistake that one of his competitors made with in approaching the prospect, and that the other program was no longer a serious consideration.  The scary thing?  Greg said that he would have used the same approach if he hadn’t uncovered that fact during his questioning!

The end result of it all is that Greg was able to get a verbal commitment from the athlete after a campus visit, and secured the deal on the national signing day in February of 2007.  From start to finish, we were able to do two important things with Greg: Improve his recruiting and sales skills, and specifically help him with an important athlete who will probably start as a sophomore on defense.

Worth the $29 a month?  Greg thinks so!  Since the signing of his prospect, two other coaches on staff with him have become Premium Members.  We just started working with them, and plan to give them the same techniques and training that we gave Greg.

The bottom line:  We’re good at what we do, Coach.  And we think it’s imperative that you have this kind of training under your belt as you move forward in your college coaching career.

Recruiting is a vital part of college coaching.  If you can’t recruit, you can’t put a winning product on the field.  We can teach you how to become a dominant recruiter, and give you sales and communication skills you probably have never been trained to master.  We don’t tell you who to recruit, or where to recruit.  We come alongside you and teach you how to recruit more effectively.

It’s my hope that we get the chance to work with you and the other coaches at your school, and that we become your "secret weapon" in recruiting that helps you build a winning program (we promise we’ll let you take all the credit for the great recruiting classes that you’ll be signing, coach). 

Again, if you have questions about a Premium Membership, or if you’re an Athletic Director and you’re interested in having us work with your entire coaching staff at a discount, e-mail me at dan@sellingforcoaches.com or call our office at 661.809.6200


Dan Tudor, President of Selling for Coaches