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Total Recruiting Solution


What is the Total Recruiting Solution plan?

Tudor Collegiate Strategies can help you be more effective, more creative, and get better results from your recruiting letters, emails and phone calls. Use our unique program created exclusively for college coaches who want the edge in college recruiting: The Total Recruiting Solution plan.

The Total Recruiting Solution (TRS) is a turnkey recruiting management service provided by Dan Tudor and his team of recruiting experts at Tudor Collegiate Strategies, the developers of the popular and successful “Selling for Coaches” program for college recruiters.

TRS helps you manage your program’s recruiting strategy and message development from start to finish, acting as your virtual, behind-the-scenes recruiting coordinator “personal coach”. We give you an extra edge when it comes to getting the attention of your prospects, increasing their interest level in your program, and getting better recruiting results.

TRS closely works with you and your staff to create a 12 month master recruiting plan. We map out a logical, compelling series of messages that leads more of your prospects to your campus based on research at your campus, as well as our database of national research we compile on an ongoing basis. Here is how it works:

  • We create effective letter and e-mail campaigns to send to your prospects.
  • We consult with you on how to have more productive phone calls with your prospects
  • We produce special recruiting campaigns exclusively for your top tier prospects – the “difference makers” that you really, really want to sign.
  • We give you and your fellow coaches in-depth, ongoing training on how to sell your program more effectively. We will teach you how to communicate with today’s teenage athlete in a very different way.
  • We also customize our additional services to your program’s specific needs. We know that every school, every program, and every coach is different. We pride ourselves in meeting your individual needs with no additional costs for you and your program.

The cost of this revolutionary way to manage your recruiting, and make it much more effective? We have plans that begin at just $1,000 annually…about $3 a day.

Want to see examples of what a typical TRS campaign looks like, and get a rundown of other ways coaches are using it to sign their best recruits ever? Contact Dan Tudor at dan@dantudor.com and let him know you want information on the TRS program. Or, give him a call at 866.944.6732.

Here’s what some of our current TRS clients are saying about it:

“I sent out my second round of emails as instructed, and instead of my normal 10% response rate I heard back from 60% of my prospects. That’s almost too many responses!”

“I like the fact that I can jump right to the end of the process and focus on talking one-on-one with the prospects instead of worrying about coming-up with the right letters and emails. It’s great, and makes a much better use of my time.”

“I’ve never heard back from so many of our top prospects so soon. What really surprised me is that two of the called us…that’s almost unheard of at our school.”

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