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June 23rd, 2005

Tommy (and Nebraska) Gets It

From Tommy Frazier, former quarterback at the University of Nebraska:

“This day and age, it’s not about the coaching,” Frazier said. “It’s about the players. They want the finer things in life because that’s what they’ve grown up with. It’s hard to sell the storied history of Nebraska football to young athletes today, because tradition only goes so far.”

So, what do smart coaches do? The same thing that smart businesses do: They re-tool to meet the customer’s needs. They pay attention to the market and what the market wants.

In this case, Nebraska couldn’t continue to effectively “sell” the glory days of Nebraska football, because for athletes that can play at that level there is more to look forward to…namely, an NFL career. That’s why Nebraska has switched from an old-fashioned running game to a NFL-like West Coast offense. That’s why they’ve built state of the art athletic facilities.

There’s more than selling a program to an athlete than talking about the “glory days of yesteryear.” Kids (your customers) are expecting more. Show them the benfit of buying your product, and have a product that’s worth buying.