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On-Campus Workshops

We’ve personally trained hundreds of college coaches to be smarter, more effective high level athletic recruiters since we began our popular live training workshops on campuses for close to 15 years.

Now it’s your athletic department’s turn.

Our proven recruiting training workshops give your coaching staff proven sales, marketing and communication techniques based on our our latest national research with high school prospects and current college student-athletes, as well as customized findings that we uncover during our detail-driven visit to your campus.

Whether you’ve had us on campus before, or are scheduling your first training, we give your coaches the updated tools and training they need to dominate their competition. Our team of experts, lead by nationally recognized recruiting expert Dan Tudor, focus on giving your coaches information that they can’t get anywhere else.  It’s the most effective professional development training that an athletic administration can provide for their department’s coaches.

  • We teach your coaches how to effectively communicate with this generation of teenagers (and their parents), leading to more prospects responding to their recruiting messages.
  • Your coaches will learn how to use social media the right way, avoiding the mistakes coaches commonly make that turn a recruit off and make it more difficult to connect with them. And, we’ll teach them how to incorporate it into an overall recruiting plan.
  • How to lead a prospect through the decision making process, enabling your coaches to take control of each recruiting situation and allowing them to more accurately assess exactly where an athlete is in his or her decision making process.
  • Most importantly: We teach your coaches how to “ask for the sale” and become more confident college recruiters.

Choose the best workshop for your coaching staff:


The Original Dan Tudor Recruiting Workshop

Nationally recognized recruiting expert Dan Tudor leads this popular two or three day workshop that focuses specifically on making your coaches the most effective recruiters they can be.  Here’s what we’ll do during our time with your coaching staff:

Our In-Depth Student-Athlete Recruiting Survey

Tudor Collegiate Strategies begins our On-Campus Training Workshop by conducting an in-depth focus group survey of your program’s current student-athletes prior to our arrival on campus.  We uncover the reasons they chose your college, what they see as your greatest recruiting challenges, and how your coaches could have done a better job when it came to recruiting them to your campus.  We research over 30 different aspects of their recruiting experience and teach your coaching staff how to uniquely position and sell your campus and athletic program to this generation of high school prospects using proven techniques.

Live Workshop Session

We accumulate all of our data and interview research and custom design a five hour interactive workshop for your coaching staff.  We’ll give your coaches dozens of proven sales strategies, tips and techniques guaranteed to improve their effectiveness when recruiting their prospects, things like better communication methods, asking the right questions, “connecting” with parents, learning from mistakes we’ve seen happen on other campuses, how to “ask for the sale”, and much, much more.  It’s a fast paced, custom designed interactive training session that gives college coaches advanced instruction in becoming highly effective “sales professionals” when they are out representing your program and your university.

Individual Coach Consultations

We take the time to meet one-on-one with all of your coaching staffs on day two of our workshop, giving them personalized training and direction based on their individual needs and experience.  We make sure that your coaches know exactly what they need to do next, as well as how to use the information they learned on day one.

Optional Third Day of Training – Campus Visit Assessment

If your department chooses, we will stay an additional day on campus to talk to your student-athletes and take them through a focus group session where they critique, and suggest needed alterations to, the campus visit that your visiting recruits experience.  In taking them through our proprietary training session, we develop a new prototype campus visit experience that they feel would better sell their generation of student-athlete prospects on your campus.  Then, we gather your coaches again for an hour of explaining how they need to change their campus visit focus, and how best to take advantage of this new information that we’ve uncovered. It’s a great way to end an effective three day training experience.

Why Bring Us to Work with Your Athletic Department?

  • We teach coaches real world sales and communication strategies that they need to do their job as recruiters effectively.
  • They leave our session with more confidence and better tools to use immediately with their recruits.
  • You learn what other athletic departments at your level are doing to attract high level recruits to their campuses.
  • Your coaching staff will understand that better recruiting results are a fundamental part of their job as a college coach, and they’ll learn advanced strategies in how to achieve those goals set by your athletic department.
  • Contact Dan Tudor directly at dan@dantudor.com or by phone at (661) 809-6200 with questions or to schedule your workshop.

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