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On-Campus Workshops

Bring the experts from Tudor Collegiate Strategies to your campus!

Since 2005, Dan Tudor’s nationally recognized “Selling for Coaches” program has been training college coaches how to recruit more effectively based on the latest national research.

Our mission is simple: To help our coaches dominate their competition in the battle for the best recruits.

For hundreds of college coaches, it’s working.

“Hands down, the best recruiting insights and tips I’ve ever heard.  It’s stuff I can put to work against my competition right away.”

One-on-One Training on Your Home Turf

Most coaches never really get any training on how to communicate with today’s teenage recruits, and how to effectively market and sell their program to them.

Our On-Campus Workshop makes sure you and your fellow coaches understand what your prospects are looking for, how to build your message based on what you have to offer, and how to close the deal.  We train coaches well, and it shows on the recruiting trail.

No two workshops are alike, but there are a few core tasks we make sure we complete so that you get information on your prospects and your recruiting strategy that you’ve never had before…we construct a unique experience that wraps together every aspect of your campus visit, and we help your coaches to understand how this generation of recruits wants to communicate with a college coach.

Here’s just a part of what we do for athletic departments:

  • Focus group research with your current athletes.
  • One-on-one assessment interviews with your coaches on staff.
  • An in-depth campus tour assessment that tells you what to highlight, what you need to change to match your competitor’s message, and how to effectively sell your program.
  • In-depth strategy training on how to overcome the objections you and your staff normally face when recruiting prospects.
  • 147 other tips, tricks and techniques to use to make you a more effective college coach and recruiter.

Schedule your On-Campus Workshop for your coaching staff today!  Email Dan Tudor and his team at dan@dantudor.com for available dates and workshop options.

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