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October 14th, 2012

Helping Students Play and Coaches Recruit for Success

Success means something different to every individual. Success can come from learning how to tie a shoe, winning a game, finding a job, retiring, etc. Every person is successful in their own way. High school athletes are most successful when they commit to playing at the next level. College coaches succeed when their program succeeds, so signing the best recruits is the foundation of their success.  At NCSA Athletic Recruiting, we work for athletes and college coaches. We are here to help athletes find the right place to play and to help coaches find the athletes their program needs.

In 2012, our network created  10,896 success stories: 10,896 coaches found athletes their team needed and 10,896 athletes are living their dream of playing in college. We helped to make this possible, that’s our success story. Every day in the office we are lucky enough to be a part of each one.

Hearing about an athlete that received 11 D-1 Football offers or an athlete who committed to the school that was “his dream since he was a freshman,” is a rewarding experience. It’s an honor when a dad says, “without NCSA’s assistance, contact information and expertise, [his son] would never have been able to do what he did in such a brief period of time. Thank you so much NCSA for your help!”

After working with coaches to help them find athletes that fit their program needs, we often get to hear about how great an athlete is performing or how appreciative they are of the services we provide. Just this week we heard about a Big Ten, NCSA volleyball recruit who is performing extremely well on the court.

Every day at NCSA we celebrate the success of our athletes. See the result of an athlete’s success here.

As a part of the athletic recruiting network, our success doesn’t come in a dollar amount, it comes in changing lives. We succeed when we help recruits and coaches succeed. If you want help or want to help an athlete experience this success shoot me an email and we’ll help you get started.


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    LEVEL 1 - Recruiting Foundations
    Through Level 1, you will learn some of the foundational skills and knowledge necessary to become a successful college athletic recruiter. At the end of each module there will be a quiz that must be passed with 85% or higher. In addition to the quiz, you must complete the Module Competency outlined at the end of each module. Both the quiz and module must be completed in order to move on to the next module.
    Module 1 Recruiting Letter Format-
    Unit 1 Recruiting Letter Format
    Module 2 How To Find Out What Your Prospect Isn't Telling You-
    Unit 1 How To Find Out What Your Prospect Isn't Telling You
    Module 3 Utilizing Social Media-
    Unit 1 Utilizing Social Media
    Module 4 Involving A Prospect's Parents-
    Unit 1 Involving A Prospect's Parents
    Module 5 Setting Fair And Firm Deadlines-
    Unit 1 Setting Fair And Firm Deadlines
    Module 6 Revising Your On-Campus Visits-
    Unit 1 Revising Your On-Campus Visits
    Module 7 Your First Contact-
    Unit 1 Your First Contact