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August 20th, 2012

Finally! A College Coach Specific Time Management System

by Mandy Green, University of South Dakota

I’ve taken all of the best time-management systems and tips on the market, and have synthesized them all into the Green Time Management System for College Coaches.

I don’t know about you coach, but I have tried a lot of different planners and time management techniques over the years. The biggest issue I have found is that there are no coaching specific planners out there. Nothing where I could keep track of all I needed to do: my recruiting and practice plans, to-do lists, phone calls, recruiting opportunities, meeting plans, and official visits—all in one place.

Finally, I stopped looking and decided to create my own calendar.

The calendar system that I have created and am about to share with you has evolved over my 14-year coaching career. I’ve created a goal-based, time-management system that has allowed me to be more effective with all of my recruiting tasks, my team, and my administrative responsibilities.  Because I am so much more efficient in the office since putting these techniques into practice, I now have more quality time and energy to go home and be a wife and mother.

2012 Green Time Management Planner for College Coaches

This is a college coach specific day planner that allows you to streamline and keep track of all you need to do for the year, month, week, and each day. This planner will help you organize and prioritize your projects and tasks, plan your week so you get your most important work done first, and help you keep track of your recruiting and practice plans, to-do lists, phone calls, recruiting opportunities, meeting plans and official visits—all in one place.

Inside the Green Time Management Planner for College Coaches you’ll find forms, checklists, logs and information sheets for:

  • Yearly Goal Setting Form
  • 2012, 2013, 2014 Yearly Calendars
  • Airline, Car, and Hotel Toll-Free Numbers
  • 2012 Expense Forms
  • Car Mileage Forms
  • Monthly Goal Setting Page
  • Monthly Goal Setting Tracking Forms
  • Monthly Master To-Do List
  • Monthly Recruiting Tracking Forms
  • Monthly Progress and Reflection Pages

On the Daily Pages you will be able to:

  • Schedule your appointments and track your time
  • Keep track of your daily To-Do List
  • Write out your Practice Plan
  • Make meeting and additional notes
  • Keep track of your recruiting calls
  • Keep track of your official or unofficial visits for the day

2012 Green Time Management Workbook for College Coaches

Being more productive in the office often comes down to having a good, clear system. You need to be able to capture, organize, prioritize, plan and take action on all of your projects, tasks and activities each day. The Green Time Management Workbook for College Coaches is a combination of the best and most useful time management techniques out there and is made specifically for college coaches. This system that I have created will help you execute and get things done more consistently. It will lead to predictable results and valuable feedback that you can use to make improvements. The action exercises in the workbook will help you develop your own personalized coaching productivity system. It will help you understand the principles that make it work, and find the right tools to help you implement it. This book will show you practical strategies, techniques, and tools that can help you do your work more quickly, effectively, and efficiently. Therefore, helping you make your vision and goals a reality.

In the Green Time Management Workbook for College Coaches you will:

  • Learn about the time management mistakes you may be making now
  • Through action exercises, you will develop a clear picture of your vision and goals
  • You will learn how to map out your coaching, team, and recruiting plans for the year
  • You will learn how to schedule your day so that you have the time you need to work on your top priorities

Once you are clear about what you want and your plan is in place, you will be in control of your time. This will help you be less stressed and a little more sane. Organizing your schedule and recruiting smarter isn’t rocket science. You can do some real simple things to start off the new school year more organized and effective. Are you ready to make some simple – and smart – changes to the way you manage your time and recruiting this year?

For more information, email Mandy Green at mandy@mandygreencps.com or to purchase the Green Time Management Workbook and Planner go to www.mandygreencps.com.