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December 3rd, 2018

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Cutting Time Spent on Your Recruiting Office Operation in Half

by Mandy Green, Busy Coach

I was in the Northeast this past weekend working with coaches who were a part of the special workshop I hosted on getting their recruiting organized.

One of my goals for these workshops is to help coaches cut their time to completion in half for the operational side of recruiting.

One of the ways I am suggesting to do this to create systems for repeat processes. One system you could create is your step-by-step checklist for how you should do your official visits.

Here is an example of a system for setting up your recruiting visits.

To-Do List for Official Visits

  • Prior to Official Visit:
  • Official Visit Request Form (Submitted to Compliance Office at least 5 days prior to visit)
  • In each players’ profile on Jump Forward, go to the “Compliance” tab and then look for the “Visit” tab
  • Copies of all transcripts & test scores must be attached
  • Complimentary Admissions Request must be attached (if necessary for your visit)
  • Copy of a tentative itinerary must be attached
  • NCAA Eligibility Center Registration
  • PSA must be placed on your sport’s IRL (Institutional Request List)
  • PSA won’t be placed on your IRL if they have not yet registered with the NCAA EC
  • Once visits are approved, for those that will require air travel, investigate flights and request a specific travel itinerary
  • Hotel reservations for parents/families…
  • Meal reservations
  • First night dinner
  • Breakfast in the MUC
  • Lunch is with hostess
  • Second night dinner, Red?
  • Breakfast, pregame with team
  • Postgame meal?
  • Place each guest with a First Year hostess
  • Request Hostess Money from Jeanette
  • Request complimentary tickets for other athletics events, if applicable
  • Prospective Student-Athlete must complete the Five-Visit Limitation Form
  • Prospective Student-Athlete must sign the Recruiting Policy Guidelines Form

After the Official Visit: (Submitted to Compliance Office within 72 hours of the visit)

  • Student-Host Expense Report & Receipts
  • Student-Host must return host money and include receipts as close to the conclusion of the visit
  • Student-Host must sign Recruiting Policy Guidelines Form
  • Coach Expense Report & Receipts must be filled out and returned
  • Keep copies in the specified Academic-Athletic Information folder within the Incoming Folder
  • These are the benefits for creating these types of processes-
  • You don’t have to waste time tracking down information
  • Eliminate variables-person, time of day, mood
  • You don’t forget anything
  • Eliminate decision making
  • Increase consistency
  • You make far fewer errors and mistakes
  • Fix the mistakes you make quickly and permanently
  • Better quality
  • Can keep making improvements
  • Increased efficiency
  • You will feel calmer and more in control
  • More professional
  • Delegate to staff easier
  • Allows you to seamlessly transition to a new staff member

If you want to hear all of the other ways you can get your recruiting organized and cut the time it takes you to do the operational side of recruiting in half, I am doing a live version of my workshop this coming Sunday from 9am-1pm CST.

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