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2014 National Collegiate Recruiting Conference


Take your recruiting knowledge to the next level by joining other college coaches from around the country on June 6-8 in Boston for the 2014 National Collegiate Recruiting Conference, presented by Tudor Collegiate Strategies.

This is the nation’s premier gathering of some of the most respected industry experts and college coaches in the country, and they are focused on one of the most important parts of their jobs as college coaches:


Spend the weekend with Dan Tudor and his team of recruiting experts, along with coaches and marketing experts from around the nation, and we promise that you will recruit smarter, with more enthusiasm, and armed with the latest proven selling and communication skills for the upcoming 2014-2015 recruiting year.

  • Where:  The Boston Logan Hilton Hotel and Conference Center
  • When:    Friday, June 6th through Sunday morning, June 8th, 2014
  • Cost:       $249
  • How:       Click here to reserve your seat!


RESERVE NOW FOR DISCOUNTED HOTEL RATES:  For a limited time, and a limited number of 2014 NCRC attendees, a special room rate of just $199 per night is available at our host hotel, the Boston Logan Hilton.  This a significant discount off of their normal Summer rate, and will be offered exclusively to our attendees once their conference registration is complete for a limited time.

Here’s our tentative line-up of our AMAZING speakers for 2014 NCRC:

  • Dan Tudor – Founder of the Tudor Collegiate Strategies, Dan will talking about the latest ways to build out your recruiting campaign, as well as specific new strategies to be a more effective recruiter.
  • Steve Shenbaum - The master team builder will lead our coaches who attend NCRC 2014 in an incredible series of communication and leadership exercises.  You’ll want to bring these principles back to your campus!
  • Sue Enquist - The former head softball coach at UCLA won multiple NCAA Championships during her legendary reign leading the Bruins, and she’ll share how she built a perennial Division I champion through smart recruiting, leadership and inspiration.
  • Bob Chimel - The long-time recruiting coordinator for Notre Dame football will share his insights on how to build a winner through recruiting, and what you need to do to develop a long-term coaching career.
  • John Brubaker - Last year, he taught one of the coaches at the 2013 NCRC how to eat fire in front of a cheering crowd!  This year?  He’ll be talking about his next book, The Blue Chip Recruiter.  Coaches look for “blue chip” kid, but do they make sure they are being a blue chip recruiter?  Coach Bru will give you the keys to doing just that. (And, he’ll teach you what country music stars Garth Brooks and Kenny Chesney have in common with you and your program, Coach!)
  • Ronnie Arrow - One of the most popular speakers from last year’s NCRC, Coach Arrow will offer his unique insights into recruiting and coaching in his session, “From Assistant Coach, to Head Coach, to Assistant Coach”.
  • Gabe Bolton – This Division II women’s soccer coach has developed a unique recruiting system that goes against the traditional way most coaches scout their recruits.  And, it’s earned him Coach of the Year honors and a conference title.  So what’s his secret?  He’ll share it at this Summer’s national conference.
  • Brian McCloskey - This former Division I head coach, terminated mid-year under controversial circumstances, will offer honest advice and insight on the lessons he’s learned from this recent incident, as well as his recommendations for younger coaches who may overlook some of the potential career land mines that cut short many college tenures.
  • Jeff Osterman – This assistant women’s basketball coach at the University of South Florida has become an expert at building a personal brand – and says it’s something every coach needs to do!  He’ll show you how.
  • Sean Devlin – One of the nation’s leading technology experts and developer of the popular Front Rush recruiting contact management system, Sean will be revealing the latest trends in technology that coaches can use, prospect management and the strategies that top programs use to efficiently recruit the best prospects.
  • Dr. Thom Park - Hear from one of the best college football recruiters of all-time, and a former athletic director, to find out what you need to know as a college coach who wants to build a successful college coaching career.
  • Paul Corona - The author of the new book The Wisdom of Walk-Ons and Director of Learning and Organizational Development at Northwestern University will bring his three decades of private sector management experience to the NCRC to talk about how to sell your walk-ons on your program, and why they are some of the most valuable student-athletes on your roster.  He’ll be giving each attendee a copy of his new book, too!
  • Rob Ramseyer - This successful college baseball coach will present “Transforming Programs by Flipping the Recruiting Paradigm Upside Down”, which will focus on how he has been able to have turnarounds at two different colleges in both the win column and in regards to the character of his teams.   He’s done this through a recruiting strategy that finds both institutional and athletic fits, a focus on both athletic and personal development for our athletes (and how this helps recruiting), and thinking outside the box on the type of kids a program can win with.
  • Jim Holvay - He was a rock-n-roll legend who partied with Elvis and wrote hit Top 40 songs.  Then, he reluctantly started a sales career.  30 years later, he has some amazing lessons – and hilarious stories – for college coaches who think they could never effectively “sell” their programs.  If you don’t think of yourself as a “sales professional”, this just might be your favorite speaker of the 2014 NCRC!
  • Garner Goode - What social media trends are important to your recruits and your team?  Garner Goode, who coordinates social media campaigns for his D1 athletic department, will tell you what he has seen working from the perspective of his generation.
  • Tyler Brandt - Creator of the 7 Second Coach program, and a successful long-time college wrestling coach, Tyler will tell coaches how to “coach” their recruits and team quickly and effectively.
  • Bob Bayliss - The legendary tennis coach from the University of Notre Dame recently retired, and he has things he wants to make sure other coaches – whether they are in the middle of their career or just starting as a college coach – know about the profession, and how to build a winner through consistent recruiting at a high level.
  • Dr. Mike Davenport - A successful collegiate rowing coach and creator of the Coaching Sports Today blog, Mike will teach coaches how to balance their coaching and recruiting lives with their personal lives.  The result?  A longer, more satisfying coaching career.
  • Mandy Green - This Division I soccer coach is also a well-regarded organization expert, focusing on helping coaches become more productive.  This year, she will be focusing on how to approach email communication in a way that is effective and saves valuable time.  Coach Green is always one of the most popular presenters at the NCRC, giving coaches real-world solutions that lead to better organization in their lives on campus.


Here’s what some of our past attendees have to say about the National Collegiate Recruiting Conference: