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2015 National Collegiate Recruiting Conference


For those of you who are registered for the 2015 National Collegiate Recruiting Conference June 5-7 in Nashville, you are in for a fantastic weekend of learning and networking:


3pm to 8pm

  • Dan Tudor – Founder of the Tudor Collegiate Strategies, and your conference host, will kick-off the conference with our traditional “State of Recruiting” address, talking about the latest trends and news that is affecting the most important aspect of your job
  • John Brubaker – This former college lacrosse coach turned business and marketing coach will talk about the unique marketing lessons from country music – perfect for Nashville!
  • Matt Daniel – He’ll share his secrets for how he’s building a mid-tier D1 basketball program using major conference ideas on a budget. He’s one of the most creative coaches you’ll ever meet!
  • Garner Goode – He has helped build a successful social media program for a D1 athletic department, and now he’s ready to share his valuable secrets with you.
  • Garry Rosenfield – He works with coaches daily at Coaches, Inc., and he’ll be at NCRC 2015 advising coaches on how to evaluate the “fit” of an athletic department the same way you want your prospects to make sure your campus is the right fit for them.
  • Izell Reese – This former NFL star has great lessons for current college coaches, both in their recruiting lives as well as their coaching lives. You’ll find his current role in working with high school athletes interesting, and his advice invaluable!
  • Michael Cross – This former athletic director, and founder of the popular blog Ultimate Sports Insider, will give straight-talk to coaches: What ADs want when they’re hiring a coach, and what they want once you’re running a program. This will be invaluable insights!
  • Roy Firestone – This longtime ESPN television journalist and actor will provide the evening’s entertainment. It’ll be an incredible end to the first day of NCRC 2015!




8am to 6pm


  • Charlie Adams – This award winning television sportscaster has conducted extensive research on the 1980 “Miracle on Ice” Olympic hockey team, and the unique coaching and recruiting lessons coaches can learn from the legendary Coach Herb Brooks.
  • Buddy Hobart – He co-authored a popular book with Arizona State basketball coach Herb Sendek on how this generation of kids makes decisions. He’ll explain how they think, and highlights why they are so prone to transfer and switch their decisions.
  • Gabe Bolton – Fresh off his best season ever, this D2 soccer coach will outline the philosophy of “Image Based Recruiting”, and how it can work for you.
  • Paul Biancardi – This ESPN basketball recruiting analyst will share what he’s seeing from today’s recruits, and share advice from his longtime D1 college coaching career.
  • TJ Johnson – The longtime swimming coach at the University of Wyoming has become an expert at “out of state recruiting”. He’ll share his secrets with NCRC coaches.
  • Brian Stanchak – This veteran coach advisor will discuss the right way to develop coaching relationships, for your recruiting and your career.
  • Mandy Green – The creator of a unique organizational system for college coaches, Coach Green will talk about how to become a more efficient recruiter and coach.
  • Brenn Ferguson – A successful club coach in Southern California, and wife of a respected D1 college volleyball coach, Brenn will outline recommendations for how college coaches can better interact with the club and high school coaches that are vital to their recruiting efforts.
  • Jed Moore – See a guy with a big cowboy hat and a belt buckle to match? That’s Jed, a college rodeo coach, and he wants to give you his “Recruiting Codes of the West”
  • Christine Cerretani – International recruiting is becoming a hot topic, and this tennis coach from Boston University will explain how she’s found success doing it.
  • Sean Devlin – One of our most popular NCRC speakers year in and year out, and co-founder of Front Rush, Sean will outline the tech trends that coaches need to know about.
  • Dr. Mike Davenport – This college rowing coach will teach you how to approach your career in a unique way, and weave in recruiting lessons along the way.
  • Theresa Beeckman – The assistant volleyball coach at Central Michigan University has a tech tool secret she’s ready to share with you. And it could change the way you operate your college program!
  • Beckie Francis – This former D1 basketball coach and childhood abuse survivor has overcome a sudden end to her D1 coaching career, and is now teaching coaches about the lessons she has learned and how college programs can look for signs of past abuse in the players you coach.
  • Tyler Brandt – The founder of 7 Second Coach, and former college wrestling coach, has valuable recruiting and coaching lessons for coaches in this high energy presentation.




8am to 12noon


  • Tom Kelsey – This longtime basketball coach, currently on staff at LSU, has ideas on how to “dig deeper” with your prospects using high level evaluation techniques from the pro and college world.
  • Matt Morse – Just a few days after graduating, this college baseball player has already made a name for himself in the college sports world. Find out why.
  • Paul Weir – The head soccer coach at New Mexico State University wants to teach you how to properly focus your message for your recruits.
  • Brenn Ferguson – This successful head coach, and wife of a major college coach, has valuable advice for coaches who are trying to recruit their prospects’ coaches.
  • TJ Greggs – This D3 coach will outline his recommendations for how coaches should communicate with, and recruit, LGBT student-athletes that they are targeting.
  • Dr. Thom Park – This longtime football coach, former AD, and advisor to coaches will focus on what coaches need to do to build a successful coaching career.
  • Erika Brennan – A longtime golf coach turned advisor to college coaches has specific recruiting advice that will help you formulate a winning strategy moving into your next recruiting class.
  • Dan Tudor – To cap off a long and information-packed weekend, Dan will present on his new book, “Freaking Awesome Campus Recruiting Visits” to coaches.  And, he’ll outline several new principles just for our NCRC audience!


We looking forward to having you spend the weekend with Dan Tudor and his team of recruiting experts, along with coaches and marketing experts from around the nation.  We promise that you will recruit smarter, with more enthusiasm, and armed with the latest proven selling and communication skills for the upcoming 2015-2016 recruiting year.

  • Where:  The Hilton Nashville Downtown Hotel and Conference Center
  • When:    Friday, June 5th through Sunday morning, June 7th, 2015


Check out the pictures from NCRC 2014 in Boston last Summer:  

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It’s the nation’s premier gathering of some of the most respected industry experts and college coaches in the country, and they were focused on one of the most important parts of their jobs as college coaches:



Registration for NCRC 2015 has closed, but you can still be notified first of early registration opportunities and other special offers for NCRC 2016 by completing the request form below.  We’ll get you all of the details as they become available:

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