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2017 National Collegiate Recruiting Conference


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The 2017 National Collegiate Recruiting Conference will be held on the historic campus of Duke University on June 6-8, in the heart of their rich athletic tradition.

It’s our tenth annual event, and it will be one of our most memorable. You’ll walk past Krzyzewskiville, walk through the Duke University basketball and athletic Hall of Fame, and into Scharf Hall adjacent to Cameron Indoor Stadium.

And speaking of that legendary arena, our attendees will get the chance to shoot some baskets on the court during NCRC 2017!

Once again, we’ll feature a speaker line-up that will be second to none: Some of the best authors, experts, and coaches from around the country, gathered together to share their secrets and reveal the methods behind their success.

In the coming weeks, check back for updates on the complete line-up of speakers set to appear. So far, the speakers and topics include:

  • Dan Tudor presenting on multiple topics that are vital for recruiting success.
  • Coach Thad Sankey on how to recruit if you’re a natural introvert.
  • Athletic Director Michael Cross on understanding your athletes’ viewpoint.
  • Molly Grisham, popular workshop leader, with fantastic team building strategies.
  • Betsy Butterick with ideas on improving communication with your team and recruits.
  • Tami Matheny from Refuse to Lose Coaching on instilling confidence in your team.
  • Coach Rob Harris with strategies for coaching this unique generation of athletes.
  • Jeremy Tiers, admissions director at Tudor Collegiate Strategies.
  • Coach Jordan Lieberman on recruiting and coaching lessons from inner city teaching.
  • Aaron Boettcher on teaming with your admissions department during campus visits.
  • Coach Matt Daniel on operating your program with maximum efficiency.
  • Coach Matt Shirm with ideas for recruiting after a down year.
  • Coach Steve Ogenorth on not compromising when doing recruiting evaluations.
  • Jamy Bechler with new ideas on leading your coaching staff and team successfully.
  • Coach Jordan Lieberman on the neuroscience behind your recruit’s decisions.
  • John Brubaker, popular speaker and author, on taking your team to “stadium status”.
  • Tom Koller with how to be effective in your communication with your players and recruits
  • Mandy Green on organizing your coaching life for more effective results.
    Plus…several other coaches and speakers to be announced soon!

After registering, you’ll get first choice of a number of great hotel options around the beautiful Duke campus. We’ll send you a complete list of options so you can make your plans.

This is a once-in-a-career chance to be a part of an amazing event that is designed to enrich your college coaching career as a leader and a recruiter. Don’t miss it!

Here are the details:

Where:    Duke University – Scharf Hall      Durham, NC

When:     Tuesday, June 6th at 3:00pm  to   Thursday, June 8th at 12noon

Cost:        $249


Can’t make it to this year’s event?  Make sure to reserve your online video access, and get all the speakers for this year’s NCRC, as well as all the past conferences! That’s over 100 hours of experts, inspiration and ideas from the best coaches in the business.


Want to watch highlights from last year’s big event in Indianapolis, and hear from the coaches who attended? Watch the video below.


The 2016 National Collegiate Recruiting Conference from Tudor Collegiate Strategies on Vimeo.


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