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2018 National Collegiate Recruiting Conference


The 218 National Collegiate Recruiting Conference was a huge success this past July!

Once again, we featured a speaker line-up that taught serious recruiters how to approach this most challenging part of their job creatively, effectively and passionately: Some of the best authors, experts, and coaches from around the country, gathered together to share their secrets and reveal the methods behind their success. Here’s a look back:

Tuesday, July 17

  • Dan Tudor opens our 2018 National Collegiate Recruiting Conference with his annual observations about what’s changed in recruiting, what coaches need to do to adapt, and how to compete for the best prospects in an even more competitive landscape.
  • Former coach and popular inspirational speaker Jamy Bechler will kick-off our speaker schedule with a focus on executing a plan in 2018-2019. He’ll talk about how to do it, and what the best coaches around the country focus on when they are planning their attack.
  • Dan Tudor returns to the stage to present a new training talk, “Building Your Recruiting Philosophy”. More variables are being thrown at coaches than ever before, and a coach’s recruiting philosophy is essential to making sure goals are reached, and winning programs are built. Dan will outline a plan that he’s seen work with programs around the country.
  • We take a time out for group planning time: You’ll be seated with, and learning from, your fellow coaches from around the country. We’ll go through discussion points and exercises that will ensure you get the most practical experience out of this year’s event.
  • We wrap up our first day of learning with Cory Weismann, who was the inspiration behind the movie “1000 to 1”. You’ll want to get him on campus to inspire your team and department after hearing his story. It’s going to be a great way to close out our first big day of NCRC 2018.


Wednesday, July 18

  • Coach Jayson Schmidt kicks off Day Two of NCRC 2018 with “Power 5 Results: Practical Steps for Building a Powerhouse”. Want to know how coaches build solid programs through recruiting? You’ll love this presentation!
  • Dan Tudor presents “Making Your Recruiting Messaging Great Again”. What is it about the words and phrases coaches, politicians and marketing experts use to move an audience? We’ll tell you, and give you ideas on how to use it in your upcoming recruiting messaging.
  • Rob Ramseyer, a former coach and current college athletic director, talks about building your program by aligning your message with the culture and mission of your college – and, how to execute it in a way that helps everyone win.
  • Former coach and popular business consultant and speaker follows up the previous talk with a memorable session: “Another Boring, Derivative, Piece of Crap Recruiting Speech” (spoiler alert: it won’t be boring, derivative, or a piece of crap).
  • Coach Will Sanborn ends our morning session with “The Power of Lunch”. How can you take small moments and turn them into meaningful interactions for your players and your recruits? Coach Sanborn will tell you how he does it.
  • After our lunch break, Coach Jordan Lieberman gets us to put our thinking caps on for his “5e Planning”. It’s about how we adapted lessons planning for college coaching and recruiting success.
  • Mandy Green, founder of Busy Coach, returns to NCRC for another informative session on how to increase your organizational effectiveness as a college coach and recruiter.
  • Athletic Director Andrew Fee has seen the magic that happens when an athletic department and admissions department work seamlessly together. He’ll share what he’s seen work, and teach coaches how to adapt the principles to their situation on their campus.
  • Owen Handy and Anna Stumpf join us from Anderson University to discuss social media strategy, and how to implement it successfully on your campus. They’ll bring examples of what works for them, and share insights from their studies into the best practices of effective social media.  #You’llLikeIt
  • Coach Daniel Lawrence will wind-up our big second day with his talk, “Don’t Sit in a Corner and Sulk”.
  • We’ll wrap up Day Two with more group game-planning, as we make sure all of the principles we talked about throughout the day get applied to how you do your job as a recruiter.


Thursday, July 19

  • Dan Tudor opens up the final day with important concepts about early recruiting and the new rules most coaches are now dealing with: “What’s Your Early Recruiting Junior Strategy?”
  • Coach Jason Oates, host of the popular “Whistle and a Clipboard” podcast, joins us to talk about recruiting and what he’s observing around the country in his talks with coaches and guests.
  • Odell McCants, former athlete, NBA agent, and host of the ‘Beyond the Whistle’ podcast, talks about recruiting and coaching excellence.
  • Mike Davenport, former head coach and respected coaching life author and speaker, ends our morning session with “5 Things I Wish I Knew About Recruiting When I First Started Coaching”.
  • Dan Tudor returns to lead attendees through our final group game planning session, as well as opening up the floor for rapid fire Q&A before we end NCRC 2018 at 12noon.


Don’t miss this chance to learn from the experts, and connect with your peers, at the 2019 National Collegiate Recruiting Conference scheduled for next summer!


Stay tuned for details.




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