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You’ve Never Coached with Video Like This BeforeMonday, January 9th, 2017

Screen Shot 2017-01-09 at 10.39.42 PMGoPro has been the industry standard for years when it comes to wearable action video cameras.

Until now.

UHWK (yes, you pronounce it “U-hawk”) has already become a fixture for hockey coaches and players who want to coach with video from the player’s perspective, and it’s now the official camera of the National Lacrosse League.

And it’s a LOT different than it’s more recognizable retail cousin.

“The need within the athletic market place was really a result of the explosion of growth within the action sports point-of-view¬†camera sector, with no product dedicated to real athletes for implementation during game play”, says Conor Stokes, Vice President of Sales and Strategic Partnerships for UHWK.
Screen Shot 2017-01-09 at 10.41.47 PM“Our form-factor is how we set UHWK apart from any other camera on the market. It has been specifically designed for in-game use within all sports, including contact sports”, says Stokes.
“And, our attachment system does not impact any helmet manufacturers warranty. Wherever the UHWK is attached, it isn’t noticed by the athlete as it weighs only one ounce fully installed. It’s easy to use, switch “on” when you want to start recording, then switch “off” when done, then plug in to any computer and it works seamlessly with any video editing and viewing software.”
What college coaches find amazing is the cost: Even though it is more technologically advanced than the more familiar retail consumer action cameras, it is priced much less. A complete camera system is just $199.
“We’ve seen coaches in all sports utilize the UHWK for a multitude of applications”, says Stokes. “It’s a great way to review practice from the coaches perspective if further analysis is needed, as a whole team or a player-by-player scenario. We’ve also had coaches use the content to understand, literally, where the players head was at. When paired with a traditional
“birds-eye” view, can offer great insight as to the decisions a player made in relation to development of a play as a whole.”
Aside from a pure coaching tool, UHWK can also be used by coaches to critique their own coaching – especially at practice. “Another interesting application we’ve seen is that coaches will review there own performance throughout a practice. Things like self-critiquing the way that they deliver messages to their team, the consistency of those messages, the quality of practice, and more.”
Smart college coaches are already budgeting the affordable UHWK player cameras into their 2017-2018 budgets. To find out how the camera works for your particular college sport, and to determine bulk pricing, contact Conor Stokes by email at conor@uhwk.com or by phone at (607) 227-7096.
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