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New Coach Finds Secret Weapon in Uncovering How to Coach His TeamSaturday, March 7th, 2009

"When I heard about these TAP Reports, it really made me curious", says Peter, a fairly new D3 coach who inherited a mediocre program with athletes who didn’t seem to get along or work as a team.

"In my gut, I knew it was going to be an uphill battle if I didn’t jump-start my understanding of how to coach these guys and get the right combination of leaders on the field."

TAP ReportThe solution he settled on was the Troutwind Athletic Profile (TAP), a mainstay in professional sports for years and years now made available through Selling for Coaches for the college coaching community.

"I’m a Patriots fan, and I had heard that Bill Belichick loved these reports and what it told him about how to coach his players", says Peter.  "I figured if it was good enough for him, it was good enough for our small college soccer program."

The process was simple, affordable and fast.  "Within a week or so I had almost unbelievable insights into what made our two team captains tick.  In fact, after reading the results of one of the reports, it was clear to me that one of these guys shouldn’t be in a position of leadership", says the 26-year old coach.  "I’m a little surprised that the previous coach put this guy in a position of leadership, to be honest."

The other findings of the report helped this new head coach determine a big change in how he was going to plan his practices.  "It was clear that the results of the report were telling me that this was a team that wanted, and actually enjoyed, a challenge and hard work," says Peter.  "That was a pleasant surprise, especially considering that these are D3 athletes who get stereotyped as only being focused on academics."

All in all, using the TAP Report offered at a discount through Selling for Coaches has given this new head coach a true "head start" in re-building a program that has suffered through three straight losing seasons. 

"It actually feels like I’m cheating a little because I know that the program that I came from could use this big time…for a coach, it has given me such incredible insights into this team I inherited that I feel like I’ve saved about six months of ‘getting to know you’ stuff that most new coaches have to wade through when they get a new job," says the coach.  "I get to skip all that now."

TAP Reports give college coaches insights into their players leadership abilities, practice habits, game-time performance, and much, much more.  Want to see an sample TAP Report?  Email Dan Tudor at dan@sellingforcoaches.com and just type "show me the TAP!"  We’ll email you the report, and answer any questions you have about how it can work for your program.