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Become a Smarter, More Effective RecruiterMonday, September 1st, 2014

We offer coaches two easy ways to become smarter, more effective recruiters.

Become a Total Recruiting Solution Client, or one of our Premium Members.  You’ll receive an array of solid recruiting resources that will help you become an effective, savvy recruiter:

  • Our new Tudor University recruiting certification program, designed to take coaches through a college level training program with an emphasis in communicating, marketing, and selling you and your program to this generation of recruits.
  • Exclusive articles and training tips in our private Client and Member section of dantudor.com, as well as weekly training content delivered right to your Inbox throughout the week.
  • Direct access to Dan Tudor and his staff at Tudor Collegiate Strategies, enabling you to get help from a team of experts on any recruiting situation or need.
  • Recruiting message creation, editing and management.
  • Free admission to our popular National Collegiate Recruiting Conference each Summer!
  • Exclusive research studies conducted just for you

Becoming a Premium Member is easy.  Just click here.

If you want to find out more about our Total Recruiting Solution program, email Dan Tudor directly at dan@dantudor.com to schedule a conversation to determine how the program would work with your program, and which option would be best.

Pink Is The WORST ColorMonday, July 14th, 2014

by Tyler Brandt, National Recruiting Coordinator

Recently a coach whom I have done camps with and known for a long time just got his walking papers. When you look at the success he’s had it doesn’t really make sense – OR DOES IT? This is not an uncommon thing in sports, all of us that have coached at the collegiate level know  it is more of a business than an extracurricular activity. The expectations of our results as coaches are absolutely explicit. Unfortunately, too many coaches feel that because they were great athletes they automatically are great coaches.

The intricacies of being a professional coach (this doesn’t mean a coach in the NFL or NBA, it’s a coach who gets paid to coach for his/her livelihood) are so far beyond the scope of learning a technique or strategy it’s mind boggling. The job description includes, but is not limited to, administrative duties, psychology of sport, mental training, athletic training, strength and conditioning, rules compliance in recruiting, budget management, transportation and logistics, academic monitoring, academic advisement and I am sure I am missing some.

As the National Director of Recruiting for Tudor Collegiate Strategies I have reached out to many colleagues to discuss working with them using our recruiting service. Although many have taken advantage and are seeing phenomenal results in their programs, others have said  they are good to go and know what they’re doing. This marks the THIRD time that a coach has been fired from their job in part because of recruiting issues that said they KNEW WHAT THEY WERE DOING!

What sense does it make to know that you are having challenges,  have an opportunity to make a change to rectify it and you make a conscious decision not to? Sounds a lot like why many of us coaches get frustrated with our athletes! We see a problem with their technique,   try to get them to adjust it and they continuously do the same thing over and over making the same mistakes again and again.

YES – Using TCS costs money, but so does anything of value!

YES – You will get information from someone else on how to change your recruiting practices and NO that doesn’t make you a worse coach (it actually makes you way smarter)

YES – You will start filling your rosters with better athletes

YES – You will have better retention – persistence & completion rates (big issue for the HLC)

YES – You will have better work-life-balance

The list is long regarding the benefits of using TCS in your program but the list is really short for why you don’t:

–    Ego

I know programs have budget challenges, I did, but I made a few changes and made it happen. Don’t lose your job because you think you know everything. You would be surprised at the coaches in your sport using TCS. Using TCS is part of the reason why they are successful and are keeping their jobs!

I know this blog is a little harsh, but you  and I both know that sometimes you have to rub off the skin to clean the wound! Do me a favor – if you haven’t won a conference championship, if you didn’t have a winning season last year, if you got beat IN the championship game, if you just got a new coaching opportunity, shoot me an email – tyler@dantudor.com –  so we can talk about how TCS can help your program.

It’s too late to fix it after the administration has made up their mind that you aren’t the coach that can get the job done! Don’t wait, let’s talk NOW! Don’t be the FOURTH coach in this list!

The Total Recruiting Solution Secret WeaponMonday, February 22nd, 2010

Why do your fellow coaches who are Total Recruiting Solution (TRS) clients end up with better recruiting classes year after year?

Here are six big reasons:

  1. Better written recruiting messages.  Our team of creative writers, lead by author and speaker Dan Tudor, create recruiting text for a coach’s letters and emails that not only gets better replies from more “next level” athletes, but does it in a way that makes prospects feel like they are being talked to in a way that connects with a coach.
  2. In-depth research about you, your program and your school.  As a TRS client, you’ll have Dan Tudor and his team of pros conducting fascinating research on your campus, and conducting focus groups with your team, to determine the right (and wrong) recruiting messages.  That research is used to create a winning recruiting game plan.
  3. A year-long recruiting blue print.  No more month-to-month “fly by the seat of your pants” recruiting.  Our TRS clients will have a year long attack plan developed and in place immediately when our work begins with their program.
  4. Expert advice along the way.  When your top prospects have narrowed their final choice down to you and a competitor, that’s when we really shine.  We can develop a specific strategy for getting the commitment from that athlete, and advise you along the way as to what to say and do to ensure the best chance for landing your recruit.
  5. Matching your natural recruiting style to your prospect.  We can even do a detailed sales communication test that will determine what kind of a recruiter you are, and teach you to match your natural selling style to the personality of your recruit.  It’s just one of the ways that the experts at Tudor Collegiate Strategies boil recruiting down to a science for their clients.
  6. A better story to tell.  It’ll be better because it will be based on specific research and focus group data matched to you and your program.  And, we’ll make sure you tell it in a way that keeps your prospects waiting for the next message, and interacting with you on a regular basis as you recruit them.

Want to have Dan Tudor lead you through a one-on-one discussion about how the TRS plan would work for you and your program?  The next step is easy…just email Dan directly at dan@dantudor.com and request a time to schedule a conference call.  We’ll show you examples of the work, the 12-month plan, and even the psychological profile we can do to determine the best way for you to recruit and communicate with your prospects.

Becoming a TRS client, and working with Dan Tudor one-on-one, will make your next recruiting class the best in your program’s history.  Let us show you how and why it’s worked for programs at all levels around the country for years.

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