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How StatEasy Makes Volleyball Coaching SimplerTuesday, February 8th, 2011

StatEasy is sweeping the college volleyball world for one simple reason:
It simplifies the life of a coach.
“The main goal of StatEasy is to get the technology out of a coach’s way and lets them do what they do best…coach”, says founder Mike Ressler.  “You shouldn’t have to fight with your statistics or video software in order to get the information you want.”

Solving that problem goes back to the very start of the company.  “One of our earliest adopters of StatEasy was Kent State University”, recalls Ressler.  “I had the opportunity to travel to Kent State and watch them during one of their matches.  What immediately jumped out at me was that one of their assistant coaches was about 100 feet away from the bench, sitting next to the video camera with their undergraduate assistant.  Their video editing program required that he sit next to the camera, and it was so complex that two people needed to input all of the data!  From that one trip came the first StatEasy mantra – “Let Ernest coach!”  We wanted to allow Kent State to get their knowledgeable assistant coach (whose name happened to be – you guessed it – Ernest) back to doing what he does best – coaching – not sitting 100 feet away from the court attempting to shout loud enough so his players could hear him”.

Want to see how StatEasy can make your job simpler and more productive…. 


New Volleyball Technology Tool Lets College Coaches Actually…CoachMonday, January 31st, 2011

Mike Ressler is becoming a household name in the world of college volleyball.  And, for good reason.

His technology, StatEasy, has revolutionized the way college volleyball coaches track statistics and edit video.  And it’s popular because Ressler comes from a volleyball coaching background, where he spent hours editing video and logging statistics.

“I can recall three different ‘Ah ha!’ moments that really shaped the direction of StatEasy”, says Ressler.  “The very first was when I was an undergraduate assistant for the women’s volleyball team at Carnegie Mellon University.  The head coach had asked me to be responsible for statistics for the team and gave me a DOS-based software program that the Sports Information Director used.  I spent a lot of time fighting with the outdated software, trying to get it to take the stats that she and I were interested in, as well as give us reports in a format that was useful to us.  When I finally gave up on fighting with the software, I knew I had to make something that would suit her needs; otherwise, I would be stuck taking stats by hand and spending all of my time counting tick marks on a page.”

“It all really came from a desire for me to save time”, adds Ressler.  “I didn’t want to have my head buried in a clipboard immediately after every match.  I was fortunate enough to have a coaching mentor who had lots to say both during and after the matches, and it was important for me to be able to be a part of that by listening carefully to what she had to say.”

But what was born out of the desire to save time quickly became an even more complete solution, thanks to a short comment from one of the coach’s relatives.  “I was showing the product to my brother-in-law when he casually said, “Boy, this would be great with video.”  When he said that, my jaw pretty much hit the floor.  Of course!  Video review was one of those tasks that would really help our players but took so long for us to either put together or fast-forward and rewind through the video that it just wasn’t worth it.  Simplifying the statistics collection process as well as the video review process really got me excited for my own teams as well as those of my friends.”

The third piece of the puzzle fell into place when Ressler realized that StatEasy was a perfect recruiting tool for club coaches who wanted to show off their players, as well.  “One time, I started telling a college coach about one of the club players I was coaching, but when I used StatEasy to pull up all of the video of her over the course of a season, the college coach was very impressed.  While the coach was impressed with the player, I was impressed with what I was able to do in a matter of a few seconds using the product I had created…I pulled up skill-specific video of my club player on-demand for a college coach and let him skip to the clips he wanted to see.  Using StatEasy as a recruiting tool is a natural fit, and it’s something that coaches are using it for more and more.”

As the technology advances and his client list grows month after month, Ressler is confident that his easy-to-use technology is going to become a mainstay in the world of college volleyball coaching.

Want to see StatEasy in action?  Just click here.  It’s surprisingly affordable, and is a recommended technology solution for volleyball coaches who are looking to spend more time actually coaching their players, and less time tracking valuable information by hand.