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2016 NCRC Official Speaker Lineup Announced!Monday, March 21st, 2016

Indianapolis NCRC2016


Look at the amazing line-up of speakers, authors and recruiting experts we’ve assembled for college coaches who attend the 2016 National Collegiate Recruiting Conference in Indianapolis, June 10-12:



RESERVE ONLINE VIDEO ACCESS TO ALL SPEAKER SESSIONS (included for all coaches who attend the event in Indianapolis)

Friday, June 10

  • Dan Tudor – We’ll kick off the 2016 NCRC with an overview of the weekend, what the latest recruiting trends are, and more from our conference host.
  • Pat Rigsby – This well known expert will teach coaches how to effectively build their program’s brand for their recruits, fans and boosters.
  • Jeremy McCool – This former coach who now works in the NCAA will outline what the future holds for college recruiters around the country.
  • Theresa Beeckman – This former Division I volleyball coach will talk about what she’s involved with now, and how it can positively impact student-athletes that you coach.
  • Dan Tudor – Getting past objections that you encounter from your prospects is hard. Dan will show you how to not only overcome them, but use them to sell your recruit on your story.
  • Derek Rosseau – How college coaches can use their admissions departments more effectively in recruiting better prospects
  • Kyle Akin – We’ll wrap-up day one with Kyle’s inspirational story of perseverance and commitment.


Saturday, June 11th

  • John Brubaker – Have you heard of the popular “80/20 Rule”? This former college coach will teach you how to use it to supercharge your recruiting efforts.
  • Tom Koller – This Senior Associate Athletic Director will teach coaches how to stage an effective presentation – whether its communicating with recruit, boosters or your community!
  • Tiese Roxbury – One of the lead researchers for the NCAA will present her latest student-athlete findings that will affect how you recruit your next class
  • Tyler Brandt – A longtime successful college wrestling coach will present “They’re Not Recruits – They’re Millennials”. It’s a different way to approach your prospects in 2016-2017!
  • Mark Tewart – This respected professional sales author and advisor will present “Business Lessons for Recruiting: How To Persuade, Sell and Tell Your Story for Recruiting Success”
  • Gabe Bolton – This successful Division II soccer coach will talk about the importance of developing a successful program that demonstrates it cares about recruits, and each other.
  • Mandy Green – This popular presenter and Division I soccer coach will teach coaches more techniques to organize their day, and become more effective with their recruiting.
  • Panel Discussion – A fascinating collection of coaches and recruiting professionals talking about what works in recruiting, how to become more efficient, and what trends to watch for the upcoming recruiting year.
  • Stephanie Zonars – This former Division I basketball coach will teach on developing your incoming recruits the right way using effective team building techniques used by successful coaches and programs
  • Anthony Randall – Looking for creative and effective ideas on communicating with recruits in the digital age? This Division I swim coach has some things he wants to teach you!
  • Aaron Boettcher – This former basketball coach now works in admissions, and has some valuable advice for coaches at both large and small schools when it comes to using that department to your advantage.
  • Michael Cross – This assistant athletic director at Penn State talks about personal coaching career evaluations. It’s invaluable advice for serious, career-minded college coaches they won’t hear anywhere else!
  • Dr. Mark Robinson – The founder of the Institute for Personal Player Development will teach his techniques to coaches who want to build student-athlete performers
  • Sean Devlin – Every year, the co-creator of Front Rush joins us to talk about what technology trends are going to impact college coaches in the upcoming year. The tradition continues! He’s one of the brightest tech minds on the planet, and we’ll get a chance to marvel at his gigantic brain.
  • Garry Rosenfield – Getting your coaching career focused on the right goals that will solidify your future is the focus of this expert from Coaches, Inc.
  • Travis Clarke – This creative soccer coach will be offering winning ideas on building the right kind of team culture to guide your recruiting
  • Sue Enquist – The former national champion UCLA softball coach will wrap-up an amazing Saturday with her ideas on coaching, recruiting, and being a coach who makes a different. If you haven’t heard her before, you’re in for a career-defining talk that will make you better at what you do!


Sunday, June 12th

  • Charlie Adams – By popular demand, Charlie Adams brings another facet of Coach Herb Brooks’ incredible coaching and recruiting job to life as he explains how this legendary leader built a college program, and the 1980 Miracle on Ice Olympic hockey team.
  • Adam Henderson – He’s the tennis coach at Furman University, and his talk is “Recruiting Championship Players to a Program Without Championships”. You’re going to love it! (And, learn from it!)
  • Dennis Short – As a follow-up to the previous talk, this experienced college lacrosse coach will present “Selling Your Championship Dreams – Even Though Your Reality Feels More Like A Nightmare!” After these two incredible sessions, you’ll know how to sell any shortcomings at your school.
  • Dr. Mike Davenport – One of the preeminent thinkers in college sports (and a pretty good collegiate rowing coach, too!) talk about the “digital impact” on coaches, team development and recruiting.
  • Dan Tudor – The final extended wrap-up session for NCRC 2016 will focus on applying everything coaches learned at this year’s conference, final recruiting points to remember, and our popular rapid-fire Q&A session with our conference host.

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NCRC Highlights and College Coach TestimonialsWednesday, November 18th, 2015


Click here for all of the details on attending the 2016 National Collegiate Recruiting Conference in Indianapolis, Indiana this coming June 10-12, 2016

Be a Speaker at NCRC 2016Wednesday, November 18th, 2015

Indianapolis NCRC2016

We’re looking for coaches, authors and experts to be speakers at this Summer’s upcoming 2016 National Collegiate Recruiting Conference.

We’ll gather a few hundred smart, motivated college coaches in Indianapolis this June 10-12, 2016, at the Indianapolis Marriott Downtown.

Past conferences have seen dozens of coaches lend their expertise to the content at previous NCRC events, and we want you to speak at this year’s conference. You don’t have to be a professional speaker, or previous experience presenting ideas in front of an audience. What you do need to bring is a willingness to share your ideas that have worked for your program.

As a coach speaker, we will pay your conference registration fee and give you access to our limited number of heavily discounted block of hotel rooms reserved for our presenters. In addition, your talk will be available to college athletic departments around the country, increasing your professional profile. Many of our past speakers have used their speeches as part of their application process for new job opportunities, with great results.

If you are an author or expert in your field? Join past speakers who have contributed their time, talents and expertise to this appreciative group of college athletic leaders. NCRC does not compensate for presenters or pay speaker fees, but we will make space available to conduct business and sell your products or services to this influential group of leaders. Past speakers who have come to speak at NCRC have included Ari Fleischer (former White House press secretary), Roy Firestone (entertainer and ESPN journalist), Buddy Hobart (best selling author and speaker), Dan Wolken (USA Today college sports journalist), John Brubaker (former coach and best selling author), Charlie Adams (speaker and author), and Paul Biancardi (former basketball coach and ESPN recruiting analyst), along with dozens of other experts over the years.

To get more information, or to propose a topic that you would like to speak about, contact Dan Tudor at dan@dantudor.com.

We hope to see you at NCRC 2016 in June!

NCRC 2015 HighlightsThursday, June 18th, 2015

Take a quick look at the outstanding 2015 National Collegiate Recruiting Conference in Nashville!

150+ coaches, experts and speakers who devoted their weekends to the core part of their job as college recruiters.



If you couldn’t make it to NCRC 2015, please make plans to attend the next NCRC in June 2016. Stay tuned for the dates and location coming soon!


5 Great Reasons You Should Attend the 2015 National Collegiate Recruiting ConferenceFriday, January 9th, 2015

The upcoming National Collegiate Recruiting Conference in Nashville on June 5th through 7th is going to be the biggest and best ever.

And YOU need to be there, Coach.

Here are five great reasons:

  1. 28 Incredible Recruiting Experts Sharing Their Secrets.  We’ve put together the largest group of coaches and recruiting gurus in the history of college sports. You’ll get so many ideas over our weekend in Nashville, you may have trouble figuring out what changes to make first once you get back to campus!
  2. Networking and recruiting idea sharing with a few hundred other college coaches.  Where will you find a Division I football coach, a Division III softball coach, a first year volleyball assistant coach, and a former athletic director sitting together over lunch and sharing recruiting ideas?  Only at NCRC 2015.
  3. New ideas that work.  This is a conference focused on real world, proven recruiting ideas from college coaches and industry experts.  Every bit of information you hear can be used right away, meaning that you will go back to your office with actionable ideas that you can begin using right away.
  4. 100% focus on recruiting and your coaching career.  How often do you get to sit back and plan your upcoming recruiting year, as well as assess what changes you need to make in the way you organize your program and coach your athletes?  You’ll do that at NCRC 2015.  Plus, you will come away with new friends across sports and division levels, laugh a lot, fight back tears, and be inspired.  It’s a one of a kind event.
  5. Most importantly, these coaches who came to last year’s NCRC say you should attend!


Ready to take a look at this year’s speaker line-up, and register for this year’s event?




Seeking Coach Presenters for NCRC 2015Saturday, November 8th, 2014

Are you a college coach who has a topic they want to present to their peers at the 2015 National Collegiate Recruiting Conference in Nashville this coming June 5-7, 2015?

Great!  We’re looking for coaches who want to contribute ideas related to recruiting, scouting, organization and developing a coaching career.

If selected, your registration fee, along with up to one additional coach of your choice, will be paid by Tudor Collegiate Strategies.  In addition, you’ll gain credibility as an expert in your field, and have access to a high quality video recording of your presentation.  It’s a great resume enhancer, and every coach who has presented at NCRC has found it to be a rewarding experience that has been great for their college coaching career.

Submitting your idea is easy: Simply email Dan Tudor at dan@dantudor.com, outline your idea for a 30 minute talk, and explain why you feel coaches would benefit from hearing you.

We have had many great presenters take part in past conferences, and we are always looking for new coaches who want to lend their expertise to this year’s NCRC.

You don’t have to be an “expert” in your field, not are we looking for proven, polished speakers.  We want coaches who have great content to share, and want to be a part of this extraordinary peer group gathering.


Some ideas for presentations include, but are not limited to:

  • How your staff organizes their responsibilities during recruiting
  • Mail and email ideas that you have found to work in recruiting
  • Dealing with parents during the recruiting process
  • Fostering relationships with Freshmen and Sophomore prospects
  • Effective strategies to engage with club and high school coaches
  • Phone call strategies that work
  • How you and your staff use social media in recruiting
  • Effective scouting techniques during the Summer

We want you to be a part of the speaker panel at NCRC 2015, Coach!  Let us know if you’re interested

Two Speakers Added to NCRC 2014 Line-UpMonday, April 14th, 2014

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Sales Expert Stresses Need for Positive Recruiting LanguageThursday, March 27th, 2014

At the 2013 National Collegiate Recruiting Conference, sales expert and author Stephanie Melish talked about the way a coach’s recruiting words and language effect the view that their prospect has of that coach’s program:

Want to learn next level strategies and recruiting techniques?  Make sure you’re at the next NCRC!

Get all the information by clicking here.

Battlefield Hero Turned Olympic Athlete Inspires Coaches at NCRCMonday, March 10th, 2014

Rob Jones’ incredible story of sacrifice and commitment was one of the big highlights from the previous National Collegiate Recruiting Conference for college coaches.

His story of being a hero on the battlefield, losing both his legs to an IED blast while serving our country, to becoming a medalist in the Paralympics for the U.S. team was unbelievably inspiring, as highlighted in a 2012 Sports Illustrated profile.

Here are the highlights of his incredible story that he told to the crowd at NCRC:

Do the coaches who attend the National Collegiate Recruiting Conference come away with next-level knowledge of how to better sell their program to this new generation of recruits?  Absolutely!

But they also come away inspired to overcome the obstacles and challenges that they face in college coaching.  Rob Jones’ story will be one that they don’t soon forget.

Make sure you join us for the next NCRC event!



Rock n’ Roll Star Set to Teach College Coaches at Upcoming ConferenceTuesday, March 4th, 2014

One of the most interesting presenters at this year’s National Collegiate Recruiting Conference is Jim Holvay.

Several decades ago, he was one of rock n’ roll’s golden boys: A talented musician, a hit songwriter, and at the top of his game in the world of Top 40 music as a member of the popular 1960’s bands, “The Buckinghams” and “The Mob”.

Then, things changed.  Other acts became popular, music styles evolved, and Jim was left wondering what he was going to do next.

The unexpected answer was a career in sales.  He went from recording studios to selling office equipment business to business in Los Angeles.  The result?  A successful career that has build a good life for he and his family.

At the upcoming NCRC, he’ll lay out his life lessons for college coaches who are convinced that they could never truly becoming great at “selling” their program to prospects.  They can, says Holvay, if they approach each recruit in a specific way.

“If you treat the recruiting process like a sales transaction, and not as a relationship building opportunity, you may get one commitment but not five”, says Holvay.  “If you want to be a good recruiter you have to have a deep passion for helping people.”

Jim Holvay is going to be one of the most memorable people you meet at NCRC, and the lessons he’ll share (plus the hilarious stories of the world of music in the 1960’s) will have you re-thinking the way you approach your recruits.

Make sure you register soon for this year’s National Collegiate Recruiting Conference!

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