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USA Today’s Dan Wolken: Coaches, Recruiting & MediaMonday, February 24th, 2014

In the age of Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and <insert name of newest social media platform that launched today>, how coaches interact with recruits and use different media to their advantage becomes more and more important.

USA Today’s Dan Wolken, who spoke at the recent National Collegiate Recruiting Conference, talked about how college coaches need to use these new media resources to their advantage‚Ķand, how to avoid making some of the critical mistakes that he’s seen some college coaches make when trying to interact with recruits, connect with fans, and build their program:


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The Slow Death of an Expensive, Insignificant Recruiting ToolMonday, July 13th, 2009

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    Module 1 Recruiting Letter Format-
    Unit 1 Recruiting Letter Format
    Module 2 How To Find Out What Your Prospect Isn't Telling You-
    Unit 1 How To Find Out What Your Prospect Isn't Telling You
    Module 3 Utilizing Social Media-
    Unit 1 Utilizing Social Media
    Module 4 Involving A Prospect's Parents-
    Unit 1 Involving A Prospect's Parents
    Module 5 Setting Fair And Firm Deadlines-
    Unit 1 Setting Fair And Firm Deadlines
    Module 6 Revising Your On-Campus Visits-
    Unit 1 Revising Your On-Campus Visits
    Module 7 Your First Contact-
    Unit 1 Your First Contact