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The 10-Minute Investment That Yields Amazing Benefits for YOUR Golf TeamMonday, February 15th, 2010

MySmartGolf.comA few weeks ago, we told you about a revolutionary new web-based software tool for college golf coaches called MySmartGolf.com.

Bill Schneider, one of the co-founders of this technology, says that the response to their entry into the college golf market has been tremendous (due in large part to the free trial they are offering college golf coaches through this June).  And as coaches begin to use MySmartGolf’s interactive website with their players, they’re noticing something that they weren’t expecting: How easy it is to use.

“It only takes 10 to 15 minutes to set up your team’s account,” explains Schneider.  “If you have not tracked stats before it might take a round to understand what exact information you need to record.  After a coach and his or her players get used to the system, it should only take them about ten minutes to enter in their information.”

The end results that the players and coach get, however, are well worth the investment of a few minutes after a round.  (Click here to view a sample of the type of report that a college golf coach can give his or her players by using the MySmartGolf.com technology).

“The MySmartGolf system is designed for round entry at the computer by the player,” says Schneider.  “The round entry card is for the player to use to make notes during the round which can be referred to when entering rounds on the computer.  But different teams and individuals do what works best for them.”

He adds that some players, particularly college players, remember all their shots and do not use the round entry card.  One Pac-10 college team that has been using MySmartGolf for some time now has players fill out the round entry cards and then an assistant enters the rounds on the computer.

Curious about what makes MySmartGolf.com so popular with a growing number of college coaches?  There’s still time to sign-up for their free trial, which will make it easy to evaluate during your Spring season.

“And”, says Schneider, “we’re really confident that a coach who tries it now is going to keep it as a part of their training arsenal once their 2010-2011 golf season starts.”

College Golf Coaches Using New Technology to Get ResultsSunday, January 31st, 2010



Golf can be a complicated game.  Getting good college golfers to become great college golfers can be even more complicated for the men and women who coach at the collegiate level.

So it might not surprise you that it would take the brain-power of a molecular biologist to introduce a breakthrough technology to the college golf world that is getting praise from some of the West’s top college programs who have started using it.

"Most stat tracking doesn’t tell the whole story," says Bill Schneider, the brains behind MySmartGolf.com.  "We track the stats that are truly important for understanding and improving your game.  In the short time we have been around we have already driven other stat tracking providers to offer some of what we offer." 

Schneider has a Ph.D. in molecular biology and genetics from Stanford University, and spent nearly two decades using his knowledge in the biotechnology industry.  One of his natural gifts was assimilating, analyzing and presenting data to his colleagues.

After 18 years as a respected technology guru in the biotech world, he decided it was time to put his expertise to work for his life-long love: Golf.  He teamed with Josh Zander, a former star on the Standford golf team who is now a regular contributor to Golf Digest magazine, and was named as one of the "Top 20 Golf Coaches Under 40" by the magazine.

The result?  MySmartGolf.com, a website that lets golfers and their coaches disect their game in a way they never have been able to do before. (Click here to find out how you can use it for free).

MySmartGolf.com"Lots of golfers keep their stats but do not get much value for their effort because there was not a good way to turn that effort into valuable information", explains Schneider.  "Most stats end up in homemade spread sheets and little is done with the information."

According to Schneider, that’s where the opportunity for most up-and-coming golfers exists, and what makes MySmartGolf the next big thing in analyzing a player’s golf game.  "Most stat tracking does not give a complete story.  It is fine to know that you are hitting, say, 50% of the greens.  But it is better to know why you are hitting only 50% of the greens and what you need to work on to improve that."

"We are very good at what is called ‘data mining’, extracting useful information from large amounts of data", says Schneider.  "As more and more people use MySmartGolf, the possibilities of extracting more types of useful information grow.  We are excited about that."   

If you’re a golf coach that is looking for the instructional edge for your team, MySmartGolf is an easy to use program that will give you more coaching tools that results in really useful information.  And, there’s a way you can get it for free…click here for the details.