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The Video Solution for Coaching Beyond Your PracticeMonday, August 18th, 2014

As more and more college coaches begin to use the inexpensive, easy-to-use Dartfish Express app for college coaches, there’s another free teaching tool that more and more programs are using to coach their athletes even after practice is over.

It’s called Dartfish.tv, and it’s revolutionizing how players at large and small colleges alike are getting visual feedback from their coaches 24/7.

After recording video on the Dartfish Express app for smart phones, college coaches are posting that video for each athlete – with coaching notes and instruction – on their free Dartfish.tv account, which can be accessed by their team after practice is done.

One Division I program that is doing just that is the track and field program at Texas Christian University.  They’ve been seeing the benefits to the Dartfish Express and Dartfish.tv combination for several seasons now.

“There’s absolutely no comparison between showing one of your athletes what they need to understand, versus just talking to them”, says John Kenneson, Associate Head Coach of the TCU track and field team.  “When they see themselves on video they understand why you’re telling them what you’re telling them.  They have to know what the standard is, and Dartfish.tv is the best platform we’ve found for doing it.”

The thing that sold TCU on the winning combination?  How easy it all is to use.

“I’m not a super technical person, but once it’s on your phone or your iPad, it’s really easy to use”, says Kenneson.  “In the old days, it was really hard to film something, save it, download it and then share it.  But now we just get the video on Dartfish Express, and in a few seconds we upload it straight to Dartfish.tv.  It’s simple.”

Getting started with this simple coaching solution is easy:  First, download the app.  Then, start your free Dartfish.tv account.  It’s as easy as that…most programs are up and running in just a few minutes.

Want to make a quick, effective upgrade to the way you coach your athletes this year, no matter what your division level is or what your budget looks like?  Use these two high tech coaching tools from Dartfish!

For help getting started, complete the contact form here.  Or, start your FREE Dartfish.tv account for your team here.

The App That Changes the Way You Coach Your AthletesMonday, August 11th, 2014

Most college coaches want to coach their athletes quickly, effectively and accurately.

Yet, communicating with them in a way that meets those three important goals is challenging, to say the least.

Well for a few college coaches – especially those who look to technology for newer coaching tools – they’ve uncovered an easy-to-use app that is making coaching athletes quick, effective and accurate.

And the best part?  It costs about the same as a cup of your favorite overpriced morning coffee.

It’s the cool new Dartfish Express app for smartphones and tablets, and it’s being used to provide instant coaching feedback to college athletes through video.  And after the instant feedback on the field, court, track or pool, coaches can upload that video to their own Dartfish.tv site for their individual team members to view and learn from after hours.

All of the app’s features was one of the reason Apple chose to highlight it as part of their “Life on iPad” series, and it’s ease of use is the reason that so many college coaches are using Dartfish Express to begin the year.

“I really like to use it at practice, right at the venue, especially when we’re focusing on technique because you’re able to give immediate visual feedback,” says John Kenneson, Associate Head Coach for Track and Field at Texas Christian University, who has become a fan of the Dartfish technology.  “But the beauty of Dartfish Express is being able to have our athletes be able to view it later back at their house or dorm room on our Dartfish.tv site.”

“Any kind of training and coaching that we’re trying to give them that can be made visual is really important to me.”

The app is so simple to use that most coaches are finding themselves able to use it just a few minutes after downloading it.

Want to give it a try today?  Download it here, or take a few minutes to see what it can do – and why coaches around the country are changing the way they communicate with their college athletes.

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Progressive Approach Earns University at Buffalo Athletics as Sports Technology LeadersMonday, February 1st, 2010

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