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CASE STUDY: How One University Streamlined the Way Their Coaches Analyze VideoMonday, January 25th, 2010

University at Buffaloby Carrie Bigbie, Selling for Coaches

When Katherine Aiken, the Director of Technology Services for Athletics at the University at Buffalo, begins working with the coaching staff of a sport program, she and her tech team begin by meeting with the coaching staff asking how they can best enhance that program by tailoring technology to meet that sport’s needs while saving the coaching staff valuable time.

The technology they chose was Dartfish.

Does the football program need scouting videos? Does the men’s and women’s basketball program need pre‐season workout sessions prepared using Dartfish Mediabooks? Does women’s tennis need a two camera set‐up for on court stroke analysis? Is immediate feedback with Live Capture and Instant Replay needed for an athlete learning a new dive? Will Mediabooks be needed to illustrate key skill positions for a baseball or softball coaching session on pitching, catching, or fielding?

When the need is defined, Katherine and her tech team work together with the coaching staff to develop a plan that best fits a specific athletic program’s needs and then incorporates Dartfish technology as seamlessly as possible.

Aiken’s goal at UB is to assist coaches in getting their athletes to the place where they can self-coach, self-adjust, and self-evaluate their performance to:

• Generate sports performance using the proper technique specific to their sport
• Improve understanding of sport specific biomechanics
• Empower the athlete’s self‐analysis of his/her performance
• Improve communication between the coach and athlete

“Dartfish saves us time and money while providing a coaching toolbox packed with video analysis feedback tools,” says Aiken.

Having coached at the collegiate level, Aiken knows that technology is an indispensable tool in a coach’s toolbox, but she also understands that it has to be integrated into the workflow of the sport in a way that becomes a valuable asset rather than an ongoing obstacle. And, it should save both the coach and athlete valuable time while improving performance. This means knowing the flow of the sport and the system of the coaching staff. This understanding assists in every aspect of equipment set-up from cable placement to camera angle, leading to the specific goals for video capture and feedback desired by the coach.

“We streamline and help make the workflow more efficient. At the front end of the process, I work extensively with each sport analyzing their workflow,” says Aiken. “As the process developed, the coaching staff could see that they were spending less time breaking down and making videos and DVDs which gave them more time to actually coach.”

To streamline the process and make it the most efficient for everyone from the video coordinator to the head coach, the staff and coaches determined that Dartfish was the best solution. Aiken explained that the video coordinator or assistant coach uploads the video and then the head coach and/or other assistant coaches watch the video adding comments to highlight particular points. “That is the most attractive feature we found,” says Aiken.  “They can watch the video and comment in real time. No more taking notes or making videos for later when meeting with the team. The team sees the comments the minute the coach puts it up there.”

Next week: Read how Katherine Aiken has tailored the Dartfish Total Solution package to meet the needs of sixteen different UB athletic programs.