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Communication Plans for Student RecruitmentWednesday, October 8th, 2014

ARAWhen you send information out, don’t you want to know what prospective students and parents think about it?


Tudor Collegiate Strategies has developed a one-of-a-kind undergraduate student recruitment communication strategy that is giving colleges and universities an incredible edge when it comes to getting the attention of, and communicating with, prospective students and parents.

Working alongside your admission and marketing teams, we create a unique, 12-month master recruiting plan based on research we do at your campus, as well as our database of national research we compile on an ongoing basis.  We call it our “Total Recruiting Solution” (TRS).

Our TRS communications plan will save you time, eliminate the guesswork, and increase engagement between your admissions counselors, and prospective students and parents. We will help you consistently deliver impactful messages that explain and reiterate the different parts of your school’s unique story.

Here are the key details:

  • Our affordable communication plans (emails and letters) cover the entire calendar year with no gaps, meaning our clients don’t have to stress about “melt.”
  • We conduct extensive focus group research with your student body to determine key themes and what the direction of your messaging topics should be.
  • Included with our student messages each month are parent and high school guidance counselor communications.
  • We also provide monthly talking points for admissions counselors, as well as a social media focus. Both tie in with that month’s messaging topic and are designed to help our clients build on the current messages that they’re sending.
  • We also provide a separate set of messages for “committed students” that again helps prevent “melt.”

There’s more!  We welcome special projects and ad hoc communication pieces. Recent special projects include addressing a specific objection; encouraging admitted students to visit campus; re-targeting inquiries; revising admit and scholarship letters; and transfer specific messages.

The results? This past year (2017), in addition to many of our clients increasing their application numbers, multiple colleges we work with achieved record freshmen enrollment thanks to their partnership with Tudor Collegiate Strategies.

Here’s what some of our current clients are saying about the messages we create for them…

“The feedback from the communications is creating a super conversation the admissions team never had before.”

“We remain very pleased with the impact the Tudor mail and communication flow seems to be having on the admissions process. Students seem to be responding well as evidenced by application and acceptance numbers currently being significantly ahead of pace as compared to this point in recent previous cycles.”

“I wanted to give you kudos on the letters that went out to parents. I got a call today from mother that loved that her daughter got a letter personally from her counselor. She is currently an inquiry, but will be applying soon, and visiting in the very near future as well. Thank you for your work on these.”

And check out what this student said in response to a recent email we created for a client…

“I just wanted to tell you that, even though this email was more than likely sent by a robot, receiving this meant a-lot to me. I get all sorts of emails from colleges that contain nothing but shallow compliments and information on the school. It has been a while since I have felt such a personal touch from a piece of college-related mail…Even if this will only be seen by a computer and all I get back is a quick “thank you,” email, I hope you know that it was really therapeutic to write this. I am excited to look further into your school.”


The NEXT STEP is to contact Jeremy Tiers (Director of Admissions Services) directly at jeremy@dantudor.com and start a conversation about your school’s specific needs. We’re also happy to send you an example of what a typical TRS campaign looks like.

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