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Admissions Recruiting AdvantageWednesday, October 8th, 2014

ARAWe are completely changing the world of student recruitment!

Tudor Collegiate Strategies “Total Recruiting Solution” (TRS) plan will give your college or university an incredible edge when it comes to getting the attention of, and communicating with, prospective students and families.

We will work with you and your admissions/enrollment team to create a one-of-a-kind 12-month master recruiting plan. We map out a logical, compelling series of messages that leads more of your prospects to your campus based on research at your campus, as well as our database of national research we compile on an ongoing basis.

Our TRS communications plan will save you time, eliminate the guesswork, and increase engagement between your admissions counselors and your prospects. We will help you consistently deliver impactful messages that explain the different parts of your school’s unique story.  Plus, there are no gaps in our messaging, which means you won’t have to worry about keeping those students who commit earlier engaged. We have you covered.

There’s more!  We welcome special projects and pride ourselves on meeting your individual needs with no additional costs for you and your institution. Recent special projects include addressing a location specific objection; encouraging admitted students to visit campus; revising admit and scholarship letters; editing a viewbook; and transfer specific messaging.

Our clients also receive comprehensive training and professional development in the form of our popular on-campus admissions workshop.

Here’s how the TRS plan works:

  • We conduct extensive proprietary focus group research with your student body to determine what messages work, what the focus of your messaging should be, and how best to communicate with prospects, specifically during their decision making process.  We then match that with our national database of information on how the current class of seniors is making their decisions
  • We create compelling, yearlong letter and e-mail campaigns to send to your prospective students. Also included each month are parent and high school guidance counselor communications
  • We provide you with monthly talking points for your admissions counselors, as well as a social media focus. Both are designed to help you build on the current messages that your prospects are receiving
  • We have a separate set of messages for “committed students” that helps prevent melt
  • We will give your school’s enrollment team in-depth, ongoing training on how to sell your school through multiple channels
  • We help with special messaging projects at no additional cost

The cost of this revolutionary way to manage your recruiting? – Our clients tell us that it’s the most affordable and comprehensive program they’ve ever used.

If you would like to see examples of what a typical TRS campaign looks like, simply email Jeremy Tiers at jeremy@dantudor.com

What some of our current clients are saying about their messaging:

“We remain very pleased with the impact the Tudor mail and communication flow seems to be having on the admissions process. Students seem to be responding well as evidenced by application and acceptance numbers currently being significantly ahead of pace as compared to this point in recent previous cycles.”

“Right now we’re up over 100 applications from last year and we hit a record high last year.”

“I wanted to give you kudos on the letters that went out to parents. I got a call today from mother that loved that her daughter got a letter personally from her counselor. She is currently an inquiry, but will be applying soon, and visiting in the very near future as well. Thank you for your work on these.”

“We just sent out the latest email communication about 10 minutes ago and so far I’ve gotten one email response and one call from a student asking me how they apply with us. Unreal!”

What a prospective student said in response to a recent email from our client:

“I received an email from you.  I just wanted to say thank you.  I have to sort through a lot of emails by colleges, but by far your email has been the nicest.  The words make me feel like you’re asking for my opinion, and you understand that college is hard.  Your email just sounded really nice overall.”

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