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September 11th, 2018

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Are You a Coach Struggling to Reach the Next Level?

by Mandy Green, Busy Coach

Coaches work hard to get things done.  We are passionate, persistent, and we are ambitious. 

But, because you are talented at what you do and have high levels of competency, it can sometimes backfire on you. You know what you are supposed to do and you are very good at just going in and doing things.  But what happens over a period of time is that you end up losing where you are at in the space of time and never really progress anywhere.

So let me ask you, even though the new school year has just started, are you where you want to be?  If not, it is time to sit down and actually examine why that is. 

All year long, we’re always examining how our team is doing. If they are off track or if they are falling short, we invite them to come in and meet or watch video.  We will ask questions, gauge their performance, and look at the stats.  Then we have the conversation about where we think they should be at this point in the year.  We’ll say things like “right now I thought you would be just a little bit further on your RBI’s, shot percentage, your goals scored (enter stat here).” 

I think as coaches, we need the same kind of feedback.  If you don’t do it consistently for yourself, who is going to do it?  Your sport administrator is not there every day so this needs to be something you do for yourself.   

Most people do this once a year and it’s usually at New Years.  It is really the only time they are checking in and doing an evaluation of their life. 

It is very important at this time of year to schedule time to get this done.  Take 30 minutes after you are done reading this or schedule it during the week.  Just sit there and think about your career, your job, your life, your kids, your health, your income, your relationships.  Sit down and evaluate where you are at in the context of what you thought you could build or become this year.  Really be honest with yourself and check in.

Coach, are you struggling to reach the next level because you are too busy scheduling to-do’s and tactics and not spending enough time doing a quick check-in on your progress?

The level of success you reach this next year is your responsibility.  If a progress check is not on your calendar, I believe you are leaving your progress to chance.  When things are left to chance, neglect and distraction will set in. Never leave your own success to chance.   

Do a quick 30-minute check-in every 90-120 days.  Based on what you find, use the information to tweak, eliminate what isn’t working, and improve whatever you can. 

Over the next year, my goal is to get as many coaches in the game of making and focusing on progress over busyness.  I want to revolutionize how coaches are working in the office because I believe how most coaches are working, are not working.

Want to join the ranks of college coaches who are using the proprietary techniques and strategies of Coach Green to organize and structure your office and approach? Contact her directly at mandy@dantudor.com

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